Calling all Zongbusters

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I know that there's no tracker for 'zongs busted' at 50/90 like there is at FAWM.
I know that zongbusting is not something to do just for the sake of doing it.
But the zong list is gradually creeping up... and I'm sure there are some good songs which have gotten lost in the shuffle over there.

If you have the time to poke through the zong list and bust one or two in true commentor style, I'm sure the songwriters in question will be thankful. 50/90 goes ghost town way faster than FAWM does and there's less than a week left in 50/90!

I'm tryin' my best, @metalfoot!
No song deserves to remain a Zong!

Agreed! I've been going through them today. Some real gems in there

Im up to 1350 comments and i mostly just going for zongs! Im trying! I try and keep up with my usual crowd but am trying hard on zongs for a few days.

Just hit a few Zongs myself. It's not too late to bust the Zongs!

Yes, looks like one screen/page left... got me to 441 comments. I'd've done more, but that was enough for now, back to real-life work, Crazy and -- I don't want to just "bust" the "zong". Music 2