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I'm starting to hear a weird buzz sometimes when I plug my mandolin into my interface and play through a garageband amp. It translates through to the recording, so I have to stop and rerecord when it happens. Is there any way to tell the difference between a cable issue and an interface issue? I'm hoping it's the cable, but I don't want to buy a cable that I don't need.

you would have to try another cable to see if it is the cable. is there a friend you could borrow one from? also, don't forget that the output on your instrument could have come loose as well, so it could be there that the problem is.

Might sound odd, but, rubbing alcohol, 90% if you have it clean your plug, cotton tip if 1/4 Jack, clean walls of Jack and the inside metal contact. Buzzing, hum occasionally, ... Poor ground... as said above, loose stuff, --stop eating peanut butter cookies prior to playing, too : )

Stuff like this is nearly impossible to engage like this.

You could, if after trying new cable too, YouTube it, good/bad. But, too sometimes, a local Music Store will "look" at stuff for good will, or/and to sell the cable, etc.

Also, what about after your interface, the full chain up to recording unit... Can't assume anything, just eliminate one thing at a time. For example, what kind of pickup ... Assuming a transducer ... Or?

Weirder yet... Back to bad ground, *Shielding?, what's "on" around you... anything different, AC powered could do it.

Move location... so many little things for buzzes that are occasional.

So, for what it's worth... there u go.