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So, I made 1 of these threads in FAWM 2018, and figured I'd make another here...

Basically, have you (or are planning to) bought new gear for 50/90? Yes, this is the thread for unashamed love of gear, gear, gear!

On my end, I've bought my first ever tube amp and cab (Joyo Zombie and Harley Benton 1x12), along with several pedals (MXR Six-Band EQ, MXR Analog Chorus, Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer, as well as an MXR DC Brick for power, and a Mooer pedal board) recently, not specifically with 50/90 in mind. However, with 50/90 upon us, I'm considering buying an electronic drum kit. I have my eyes on a Carlsbro kit, which seems like the right price vs. quality choice for me at this point in time. I'd have to buy it on rent-to-own, though, if I wanted it any time soon... And that kind of worries me. I guess it depends on how much I'd be paying per week... But I want the e-drums so that I can make full mixes. I have my guitar rig mostly sorted at this point. I have a (cheap) vocal mic. I can make a bass line with my keyboard (bought right after FAWM 2018 ended... Yamaha PSR-E363 :))... I'm really just missing a drum line. And while I know I can make a drum line on my PC, I find that incredibly tedious and boring. I'd rather bash away at an actual kit (even if it's an e-kit using the same samples I could get on PC). So that's my next maybe-purchase.

So... Your turn! What have you bought recently? What do you still want to buy? Let's share the gear love! No need to be shy... We all love gear here! Biggrin

All I can think of would be the Vox Pathfinder 10 bass amp that I may actually have had for FAWM, but I’m not sure.

On top of that, I’m still waiting for the delivery of what’s called a “mini saxophone” on Amazon, which was bought with Christmas gift money that I had left over.

It was due to be delivered on the 20th of June, and they’ve apologised saying that it is on it’s way!

I hope so, because that would be fun!

A mini saxophone? Damn... I can almost hear my wishlist growing. :P

I just ordered a very cool-looking 3-string fretless cigar box guitar from a builder in Pittsburgh PA. That should be fun, and will appear on 50/90 in a week or two...

i bought some tablas before 50/90 began. i'm still trying to stop a rattle between the two heads on top of each drum. anybody know anything about that?

Nothing new but I did finally get around to having my Fender Spring Reverb unit fixed. I rewired my Jaguar before FAWM so with my Dual Showman I'm ready in case I want to do a surf tune.

So, I rang the store, and I don't even qualify for the rent-to-own scheme. *sigh* So basically, if I want to add drums to my stuff during 50/90, I either need to beg someone for a collab, or do it digitally, or else wait 'til 50/90 is nearly over. Ack! Still... Something to aim for, I suppose...

I've had a little shopping/repair spree. Fixed my Vox AC30 that has been dead for years, sounds better now than it has ever done. Ordered some new pots for my Roland SP404 sampler so I can fix that too.
Recently bought a Korg Minilogue, needed a reasonably sized and reliable analog synth for live gigs, looking forward to using it during 50/90.
Also bought some new pedals, the Keeley Caverns V2 reverb/delay, Death By Audio Reverberation Machine and some cheap Mooer pedals. Love the DBA reverb it's so inspiring to play with, I think it will spawn a couple of songs in the coming weeks. The Caverns pedal I mainly bought to replace two dying pedals on my liveboard, needed something trustworthy and compact. The Mooers (phase, modfactory, envelope filter) was bought used dirtcheap,I regard them as potentially interesting colors to use during recording.
I'm getting a nice stereo preamp in August as payment from some friends for a mixing job I did for them, they felt paying with money was akward so offered to buy me some gear instead.

I brought home a new (to me) Alvarez Yairi DY 46 this past Monday (the 2nd.) It wasn't specifically for 50/90, but this little bird can really sing. She sounds like an angel, only better.

I bought 2 new synth VSTi's last night. The first one is Vacuum Pro from AIR Technologies. It was on sale for $1. The other is miniBIT by AudioThing. I plan on using it to make some chiptune songs during 50/90.

@cblack - have you tried the little MIDI drum pads? I got an MPD218 recently and it's pretty satisfying, but not an actual kit. I think it was $60 used?

I accidentally ended up with an oddball Squier Mustang/Jaguar hybrid the other day, and once I get it set up I'll be using it. Mine is surf green and I think a prototype.

I didn't know I'd be doing 50/90 until basically the day before. It was too daunting! But I gave in.

I've been learning iPad music stuff since I got my first new one last Black Friday. I used it a bit for FAWM but really want to start doing a lot of stuff on it and will try and incorporate it a lot.

@spingo No, I haven't tried the drum pads... I really want the feel of playing an actual kit. I'd be looking at real kits, except I've got a dog and cat who would very much object to such a loud sound.

We'll see what shakes loose... Chances are, I won't have an e-drum kit before 50/90 is over. I also tallied it up, and my dream set up would cost me $10,000 at this point... *sigh* One day...

I've currently got a Microkorg on the way along with an acoustic guitar. It'll be my first hardware synth, so I'm really excited. I'm also looking at an amp. @cblack, give me a heads up if the Joyo is good, cause I've been crouching in wait on some of those

Yeah I wanna buy an audience but they are notoriously difficult to find.
My mannequins are looking bored and keep falling over.

@marvsmooth like a zaphoon? I've thought about getting one of those over the years. There was a guy that used to make them at the renaissance faire I worked at. He's moved on to other places though and I've checked out his website. His prices have gone up a lot.

I bought a Danelectro DC... and I wasn't going to buy any more guitars.

@katpiercemusic - I’m not sure. It says “mini saxophone” on the box. It’s similar, but has an open rounded “phone” ending - I’m not sure how to describe it!

I keep hearing great sounding tracks from people using Band in a Box, so I broke down and bought it.

BIAB can be amazing, @Valerie Cox and I hope you enjoy it. Looked like a little bit of a learning curve to it, but it'd be a great way to try out new/interesting chord progressions. I thought about buying it and using the real band tracks for the base and adding my own guitar etc., on top. But it's fairly expensive and I'm lazy so...

Hey @tsunamidaily -- [re: tabla rattle], my wife came back from india with the "tabla" (smaller treble drum), leaving the "bayan" (bass, larger drum) behind since to much to carry back (yes, she's from India), -- my brother inlaw wanted me to have the set. Happy with half Smile

So, anyway, -- these authentic ones hand made and all leather and wood, don't have rattles. Actually solid and closed end. So, wonder what it could be.

I just happened to trip over this post surfing around, Smile -- found it interesting... ... sometimes folks call things "tablas" and may not be, rather might be a Darbuka with hardware, or other, etc. I know you have a prolific collection of instruments, stuff Smile , very knowledgable!!! (don't be offended at my suggestion)... ... ... anyway, -- drum rattles, or sympathetic resonance if nothing else means tuning up/down to get past that "sine wave" sympathy if all else fails. (Like tap tuning any hand made wood stringed instrument... if he wood don't sing, it may not when strung, imo.)

On a "real" tabla, -- all one has to do is slide the little wood dowels up/down. (little bit at a time)

Tabla's have that, what I'll call laminated black spot... never looked into it, think it's just a coating on mine, *not a lamination that could separate and buzz.

Well, rather than ramble on... if you are really jammed up... consider loading pics on the FaceBook FAWM group since can't do that "here", and if have a sound file, link it there -- I'd be glad to speculate further Smile -- always need more of that, I know Wink hahhh... (not to many tabla experts in Alabama? Smile )

(FYI, I don't get an automated feed from that FB group, since got overwhelmed with stuff on FB, so, if you do that, you'd have to flag it here, or post to my sound board.)

-- It's got amazing musical "boing" to it, (tabla), and why I wanted one, if even the tabla alone, can use a bass bongo, bongos with it.

-- derUgo! Smile

I picked up a couple new fuzz pedals and a nice set of electric drums Smile

@spingo Thanks for the suggestion. It's something to keep in mind, for sure...

And [@Michael White] , I like the Joyo Zombie a lot. Honestly, it's got a killer clean channel, which takes effects really well. The dirty channel isn't quite what I was looking for, though... I wanted either Death Metal or Black Metal, and instead got Heavy Metal... But that said, I have weird tastes in gain stages. If you're not looking to take it to extremes, and just want a quality generic metal sound, the Joyo Zombie should be able to deliver the goods. Check out the review/demo on spectresoundstudios channel on YouTube for an idea of what the Zombie can do. Smile

As I said, though, it's got a killer clean channel, and takes effects really well. Like, with an added distortion pedal to the clean channel, I can get most of the way to the tone I was looking for. It's a little odd, buying a budget metal amp for the clean channel, but there you go. Smile

@ustaknow these are authentic tabla. there are two heads on the top of the daya. there is a rattle, a sound, NOT a physical rattle, between the solid head and the cut head. it is a real daya, i bought both drums at the same time. i also have 2 djembes of different sizes, a doumbek, a darbouka, and a dono, so i know the difference in drums.

the cut head rattles against the bottom head when struck. it has stopped on the baya after i added a couple of the tuning sticks i bought to work with it.

i cannot stress enough that these are authentic tabla, and that i know the difference in various percussion instruments. anyone who HAS had experience with tabla, i would be much appreciative if there is some trick (putting talc between the heads, or covering the head with a towel and applying a warm iron to shrink the top head to the bottom). i have already tightened up the tuning, so that will not help. i would like to use the drums, but the rattle (once again, NOT a physical rattle, but a buzzing between the cut head and the solid head, which every genuine tabla has) will be quite noticeable in recording. any suggestions?

[@tsumamidaily] -- I'll ask if my nehpew there can contact the drum maker for mine and ask.

There's a thing called "indian time" so... could hear back in a few days or not. (Like southern time Smile )

Anyway, -- I know what you are talking about, -- never heard that happening.

========below is just me running on, and likely not to be helpful, but you know me Smile =========
Real skins, heads are effected by humidity, (as you know), and I'll guess this wasn't an issue when you got them. My wifes part of india is "jungle" so, everything is always a bit damp, -- so if tight then, swollen at that humidity, may not be where you are now. Lot's of hand made wood instruments split coming over here. I am wondering if loosening up on the head tension would help, since drying makes it tighter. They are tight as it is anyway.

I know how sharp you are about stuff, so will leave that there, you've probably looked into it already, sounds like you have already. So, if/when I hear back, I'll post to your page direct. Sometimes, just say'in, outside "America" people are not as eager to "help"... -- I hope we can find a solution.

So, -- I'll send a message now, and let you know.

PS: regarding the loosening tension thing, too, --talc would tend to draw out moisture, and I think we want them flush as possible, not dried out more. This is why I keep a wet sponge in a half open zip lock in with my sensitive instruments, like my Cello -- sealed case, wet sponge has worked for me for years, no cracks. I wonder, just speculating ... if you put it in a kitchen garbage/glad bag with a wet sponge sealed up, tuned down/loosen up a touch, -- if it took up enough enough moisture to have an effect (barring spritzing the skins direct). I know I avoided "real" Djembe due to the tuning issues, --house to outside to another venue, 20 degree temp swings and to dry AC rooms. My bongos are real skin but a heavy hide, not like the tabla, lamb/goat and thin, more effected.

I'll look tomorrow, but, I thought that "tone ring" was laminated on mine. It's one instrument I didn't "dissect" when I got it, just played it. -- It's always something, aye. Maybe someone else reading will offer the answer! Here's hoping for that.

How many guitars does one guy need? Just one more... So I ended up with an Epiphone Custom Shop '66 SG. I was really impressed with the craftsmanship that went into this one. Vintage humbuckers and coil splitting give it a ton of tonal possibilities. It's a hell of a bargain for $400.

Just like @standup I'm waiting for a fretless three-stringed cigar box guitar to be delivered. I also bought a great bone and wood slide to go with it. Should be here in a week or so.

I bought a cbg, actually I bought three but the first two were so badly made i sent them back.
Why do people think because the instrument has it's roots as a poor black instrument made from junk, they can charge the price of a properly manufactured instrument yet deliver a piece of unplayable shit. Jack Rabbit Slims was the worst. I ended up buying a Cooper from ebay, half the price and twice as good

Oh yeah to update you on my post above, I bought the Boss Audience pedal. You plug your guitar into it and when it senses youve stopped playing it makes a clapping noise

- Great stuff here Smile

@Guitar Kim I should flag your post as inappropriate for posting (guitar) porn! LOL. That's a mighty collection right there... I'll just be over here, drooling. Smile

for my birthday in april i was very lucky to get an Eko fretless ukubass ( sounds just like a double bass when plugged in. definitely plan on using it this 5090, thinking of using it on the 4-track challenge that i am starting off.

Made some updates to Kontakt. Added Lounge Lizard Rhodes to the plug in folder, along with Yamaha CP-70. Have my eye on a minstrel banjo.

@cblack Not every thing in that photo is mine, but most of it is. Smile

Nice. Smile

Update. I sent the Boss Audience pedal back, I didnt realise it only mimics one person. I can't afford 500 of the things.

I might have to buy a new laptop.
My "headphone output" is starting to crap out on me. I'm finding it hard to record tracks when I can't hear what I'm doing.

@Fuzzy I feel ya. I'll need a new PC if I want to do anything complex. My little i3, 4GB RAM laptop won't handle anything major... *sigh*

I'm split between getting Digital Fish's 'Bored Audience' loops, or Rubber Software's 'Major Encores'. Feel that last one might be a bit 'too much too soon'.

I've gotten a lot of use out of the one that makes the last guy in the room who's not the bartender leave. I can't think of the name of it right now.

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@Silver Machine maybe both loops in parallel - that way you can dial in the reality sweet spot.

Not something I bought, but I got a traditional Sicilian slide whistle from my step-sister for her wedding (which I was too poor to attend, being in Australia). But yeah - new toy to play around with. Biggrin

My last few tracks have featured an Ibanez RG770 from about 1991 that I picked up second-hand in my local guitar shop. It's basically a six-string Jem without the monkey grip or the pyramid fret markers. The neck is *flat*. Crazy piece of kit.

The GAS attack continues. I'm waiting to take delivery of a La Patrie nylon string acoustic. Maybe Wednesday, maybe Thursday!

Native Instruments' MASSIVE analog synth is currently on sale at half the regular price...

Got an acoustic guitar for my birthday, a Sigma DM SG5+, I guess it's their take on a Gibson Hummingbird. Compared it with a 4000$ custom shop Gibson, and I preferred the sound of the Sigma. It's actually my first acoustic guitar apart from a dirtcheap nylon string guitar, so I'm looking forward to testing it out on recordings.

I'm planning on finding some cheap kids' instruments soon. Specifically, a xylophone and recorder. Not sure where I'll find them, though... My local music store doesn't stock them, so I guess I'm limited to the big box stores...

Not specifically for 50/90 but I wanted an upgrade for my baritone uke since it's my main instrument these days and I'm still playing a Makala $85 plywood box (which I still love though). Turns out in all of Sydney they're rare as hen's teeth, I found a grand total of 2 after ringing and driving round to several different stores. Finally bought one sight unseen off eBay and am very happy with it.

If I'm very lucky, I could by an e-drum kit in the next couple of weeks. Very lucky, mind you - no bills, no unexpected expenses.

We'll see... Smile

I happened into a $50 guitalele at the pawn shop and kind of haven't been able to put it down. I kind of want to try the next size up and kind of don't want to ruin it and just play this lovely thing.

I've already mentioned the new to me Alvarez Yairi DY-46 that I'm in love with... got her right at the start of the challenge.

Well, I got sleep blind and bid on an acoustic over at shopgoodwill and an Alvarez Regent 5209 showed up today. It's not perfect, but it plays okay and sounds decent enough. I'll probably end up giving it away like I do most of the cheap but decent instruments I collect and never play, but it's definitely not crap. Even with old strings on her, she's playing just fine.