Bumblebees in Marshmallow Sauce: triple-sided single

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Three of my favorite structured (non-improvised) songs from FAWM 2016.

A. Bumblebees in Marshmallow Sauce: a filky round about a tasty treat
B. Raindrops, pitter-pat: a song for kids on rainy days
C. As You Go to Sleep Tonight: a scary lullaby


CC-BY released for free.

I shared these three songs with a filk circle recently, and then decided I wanted to take more songs to filk circles, so I guess they are helping to inspire my 50/90 output this year.

I really like those multilayered a cappella tracks and quirky lyrics in Bumblebees! And the lyrics on Sleep are quite creepy and effective, especially when combined with your contrasting singsong, singalong vocals (and the creepy fade at the end).

Thanks! Bumblebees is a favorite of mine, which probably explains why it is the title track. Smile

"As You Go To Sleep" was a hit at the filk circle, too. That's not one I allow my children to hear. They have enough bad dreams without it. Wink