Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) ~ Coltrane licks

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I remember someone on FAWM/5090 is inspired by GD, and mentioned how he was inspired by Bob Weir's guitar playing. Me, I can only hear the lead guitarist, not the rhythm guitar, and when I hear it, it seems erratic, strange. Maybe if the sound managers would turn up his line so I could hear it properly. I don't know.

And I also don't remember who used to mention GD.

But at the end of this video he tells us he steals licks a.o. from Coltrane, left and right, and suddenly I can sort of get a glimpse of what is happening. So just saying that stealing licks from Coltrane (or Dizzy Gillespie, what have you) may be a way to introduce something exciting in rock'n roll, or in classical, or in folk, or in...

Ray Manzarek of the Doors stole Coltrane licks too. He says as much when referring to Riders on the Storm.

@bong - I might be the person you're referring to who admire's Weir's approach to rhythm guitar. I watched the video, too - there's also a good amount of video out there of Weir discussing his approach to guitar. Another influence of his is Coltrane's piano player McCoy Tyner.
Weir's playing continues to get more interesting, too - he's in Dead and Company now, with John Mayer on lead guitar. And there's a lot of video available of Weir playing solo acoustic in recent years - I've learned a lot from those clips.
I perform a lot of Grateful Dead solo acoustic, and I try to approach those songs with a style that is a blend of Jerry Garcia, Weir, and my own thing. And you'll hear that in my original music sometimes, too.

He's an interesting player. Still remember seeing "Bobby and the Midnites" at the Hammersmith Odeon back in the day - I'd seen the Dead twice but I went because Weir had Alphonso Johnson playing bass (and Chapman Stick) in the band - oh, and the mighty Mr William Cobham on drums...

Yes, Chip, I think you are right. Sorry I could not remember you. I have heard a lot of Dead & Company this summer via youtube a.o.

I have been trying to talk myself into participating in recording some GD songs for the Dead Covers Project around January, but I have only done it that one time in 2013. Next year.