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Who wants to play?

As an avid board gamer, I find that board games, like books, can often help us songwriters tap into inspiration. Song writing is a form of creative play in why not throw a game in with it?

For this challenge that I am making up for you (and myself), I will assign you a board game that you will use as the skeleton for building up the lyrics for your song. For instance, if I gave you the game "Chutes and Ladders", you might use elements from the game board or its rules to write your song. You may talk about winning/losing, taking turns, rolling the die, climbing up, falling down.

For each person who takes on this challenge, I will assign you a board game and a description written by me/Board Game Geek. The song can be about anything, including the game, but its skeleton will be inspired by the game itself. Bonus points if you are able to find a copy of the game itself and play it!!! Quadruple bonus points if you actually play the game with another 50/90 participant! (For those of you in the Boston, MA area.....I own/have access to the board games I give as prompts and am totally up for teaching/playing the game with you.)

Tag your creations "boardgame" and post links to them on this thread so we can give you feedback!

I am not getting Monopoly, thanks. But I would like to try this challenge!

Deal me in, Game Master!

*pulls up to the table*

Count me in.

Why not, game me

Let me at 'em. This could be either really bad or really good

I'd like to give this a try.

@metalfoot You get "Terraforming Mars"

In a futuristic world, you race to build the most successful corporation on planet Mars. Victory points are awarded for ambitious projects to make Mars habitable. For more on this game, you may check out the BGG link.

@spirulence You will write a song about "Codenames"

Two teams go head to head in a race to find all their secret agents in a field of 25 words. Be careful not to choose the "assassin".

For more on this game, check this BGG link:

@Outasync Congratulations! You get to play with the game "7 Wonders"

You are the leader of one of the 7 great ancient cities. Over three ages, you build up your kingdom and a great wonder to earn the most victory points.

For more information, check out this BGG link:

@pearlmanhattan You get to play with the highly successful game "Settlers of Catan".

You have discovered an uninhabited island rich with resources like wood, sheep, bricks, ore and grain. Compete against other settlers for domination of the island by reaching ten victory points first. Points are scored by building roads, armies, settlements and cities. You may trade resources with each other, but beware of the robber!

For more on this game, visit this BGG link:

[@Michael White] For you, I assign the game "Ticket to Ride"

Collect cards and destination tickets to build up your railroad empire, linking the cities on your destination ticket cards by connecting your trains. Bonus points for the longest route and the most destinations linked. Subtract points for not completing destination tickets.

For more on this game, visit this BGG link:

@Valerie Cox You get to play with a fabulous female-designed board game called "Qwirkle".

Though this game has simple rules, it is also quite strategic. You lay down sets of wooden tiles in rows or columns of 6 different shapes of the same color, or six different colors of the same shape. The person who lays down the sixth tile in a row or column scores an additional six points or a "Qwirkle". The person with the most points at the end wins.

For more information, check out this BGG link:

Challenge Accepted!

You and I have very similar taste in boardgames, @colgoo.

I wish to take part in this. Let me have it!

This sounds so fun!

@JackByrne Your boardgame is “Sentinels of the Multiverse”.

This is a cooperative comic book themed game where players each play with a deck of forty cards to fight off evil overlords and dangerous obstacles. Each player takes on the role of a superhero. They must band together against the forces of evil to win the game. It is best played by friends with a sense of humor and strategic ability.

For more on this game, read the BGG profile:

@Stephen Wordsmith Your game is “Takenoko”.

This beautifully designed game is all about balance. On your turn, you get 2-3 actions dependent on the roll of your die. You can build the Emperor’s garden, irrigate fields, move the gardener to grow bamboo, move the panda to eat bamboo, or grab/claim objective cards. A set number of claimed objective cards (determined by the number of players) signals the end of the game. The player with the most victory points on their objective cards wins.

For more info, see the following link:

@acapellastutter Your boardgame is a fairly new game that is very hot right now with boardgame enthusiasts: “Azul”

Based on Portuguese Azulejo tiles, you compete against other players to build tile patterns to decorate the palace walls. You are trying to avoid wasting tiles, while also scoring the maximum amount of points. Strategy is important but, whether you win or lose, you will enjoy playing with the beautifully crafted tiles that accompany this game.

For more about this game, visit the BGG link:

im belatedly in thx

@coolparadiso Congratulations! You get to write about “Castles of Mad King Ludwig”.

Each player is a contractor trying to build a castle for a capricious king whose desires change from game to game. Each room you purchase during the rounds has to fit to your already constructed ones in a puzzling way. When you complete a room by connecting all its doorways to either walls, hallways or other rooms, you earn bonuses. The person who builds the castle of Ludwig’s dreams wins the game.

For more about this game, click this BGG link:

Can I join in? Could I have a one or two word board game?

@kahlo2013 One or two words? Or syllables? Either way, I’ve got you! You get to play with the game “For Sale”

In the first half of this game, you bid against each other for the best real estate with values between 1-30. Then, you strategically sell off your properties, from $0-15,000. The person with the most money at the end wins. Properties range from a cardboard box to a space station. This game is fun for all ages. Although it says 10+, I have played it with precocious kindergartners.

For more about how it works, check out the BGG link:

I got Catan.... here's mine.

I have assigned myself the game “Catacombs” and am waiting to hear back from a potential collaborator on this to give this an extra challenge. I am hoping my collaborator will voice the monsters and give the song a metallic vibe I cannot do on my own. I will voice a bard who will extol our heroes in the melody. This will either be amazingly awesome or a total mess....much like the game itself.

“Catacombs” is a dungeon crawler game of skill and dexterity for 2-5 players. One player oversees the monsters while the other player/s control the four heroes who cooperatively work together to combat evil. Our heroes are a wizard, elf, thief and barbarian who each have special abilities. The two sides flick wooden discs at each other in epic tabletop battles in an attempt to control the catacombs.

@littlebeast I think you would particularly enjoy this challenge.

@simpleiscomplex Do you want to play?

. . . Maybe.

In all honesty, I'm not ready to start working on another challenge, but if you assign me a game I'll probably get around to it.

I'll give this a shot. Sounds interesting.

@Krayzie003 You get to play “Galaxy Trucker”.

Not only is this a fun board game....CGE also released it ten years later as a super fun video game. Each player is a trucker whose spaceship is made up of components that double as plumbing supplies that need to be hauled across the galaxy. Make sure to put on plenty of engines, cannons, life support pods, cargo holds, etc. and match them up with the right connectors so you can become rich and famous. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is tricky to build a ship that will hold together as you encounter asteroids, pirates and other obstacles on your journey. Good luck keeping your ship together as you race your rivals for money and prestige.

For more info:

I'll have a go at it, if you please.

@Malachi Your boardgame is “Pandemic”.

Four virulent diseases are breaking out in different parts of the world. You and your team work on finding cures and eradicating all four illnesses before they become full on pandemic level. It will take strategic planning with just the right amount of luck to win against the challenging board.

For more on this game, see:

Aces! Thank you!

Here is my game, a collaboration with the fabulous @cblack. Enjoy!

Happy to collab, @colgoo! I notice the song already has a few comments saying my part was entirely unexpected. Made my day, and it's only 9.30am! Mwuahahaahaha! Biggrin

I'm in!

@colgoo , I'm off to a slow start this 50/90 , send a game my way, I need the inspiration!

I am keen to give this a try.

@squeakmouse73 Your boardgame is “Mice and Mystics”. (I couldn’t resist.)

This is a board game with a very light role-playing component and a connection to a fantastic graphic novel series on a group of people turned to mice who go on a series of adventures through the castle. Working as a team, players work to overcome immense obstacles like cats and the cook’s knife to find the king and alert him to danger. I am terribly sorry to tell you that this will be a harder game to find and play. It is the epitome of a designer board game: small run, high quality components, detailed artwork.

BGG profile:

@izaak Since you are off in Europe, you get extra bonus points if you can fit in a trip to Grenada, Spain and the actual “Alhambra”. Believe me, it is worth the trip! It’s a place and a classic boardgame that is best with 3-4 people.

In this game, each player builds up a hand of cards that they use to purchase buildings to place in the Alhambra. You get points for having the largest sets of walls, gardens, seraglios, towers, etc. Victory points come in a series of three rounds that occur through the course of the game.

BGG profile:

[Tabitha L.] Your game is “A Feast for Odin”.

You and your fellow players enter a Viking world of conquest and survival. Each turn, you work on puzzling out how to procure food, furs, boats, and other items to build up your Viking village. This game has become a favorite among gamers since its debut two years ago. It is full of strategic potential.

BGG link:

Here's mine - though it needs music. Any takers?

U'd like to request a board game!

@Johnny Cashpoint Your boardgame is “Great Western Trail”.

You play a nineteenth century Texas rancher who sends his cattle on the trail between your ranch and the railroad connection in Kansas City. You are out to make the most profit with the healthiest, most desired cattle in the Wild West. You have to collect your herd, hire cowboys and a foreman and invest in a few business opportunities along the way.

For more on this game:

OMG yes please.

@CorinneLucy your board game is “Elfenland”.

Travel the furthest, fastest in this alternate universe where you must collect the right cards and terrain tokens to travel by raft, unicorn, giant pig, troll wagon, magic clouds, and elf cycle. There are four rounds where you try to visit the most cities.

For more details, see this profile:

I was assigned "Terraforming Mars". *33590 is what I came up with.