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I always find it interesting that there's not much in this area. A lot of groups that I visit online and in-person really mainline on this. I have an interest in the bizness end of it since I do some though I only have a fingertip in it. I think on FAWM some people posted about different ways of distributing music. Big differences in them. As a songwriter/publisher/non-artist I am mainly interested in other areas. Oh, I'm not the kind of publisher that pitches other people's songs, btw. I don't have that many outlets. I guess I'm always curious about why no one posts anything here, and it makes me wonder how many here have fingertips in the business side of it as well? David

A long time ago I was on the periphery of the biz, in a band that got a tour of BMI corporate, met the guy who runs Rykodisk. I got royalties for a few years for a song of mine.

But that’s all long ago, these days I’m basically writing songs as a hobby. I’m a guy in my 50s, not gonna be a rockstar except in my own mind.

So music biz stuff is not a major concern of mine now.

There's just not a lot of cross-over between the challenge and music business stuff. The things that I've dealt with professionally just don't come up a lot here. And to be honest, if you're interested in just writing and playing music, you're better off out of it.

Brian Transeau, Grammy nominated film score and trance producer and inventor of the Stutter Edit plugin said "The music business is a den of sin and inequity, but there's also a negative side."

I mostly write my songs for me to perform. Most people wouldn't have any interest in doing my songs. I've written I think 2 or 3 commissions and one song that other musicians picked up (I have mixed feelings about that). Right now I'm grappling with the business of getting paid gigs. I'm terrible at PR. I've finally decided that this summer I'm going to do it. I'm paying my friends who do a lot of media work and some PR to help me with my website and EPK. I'm contacting places left and right and I'm making plans to get some actual video of me performing at actual events. All my live video is years out of date. I hate all of it.

I've never even been in a band, but maybe in the next couple of years?

I have to confess that I joined this community because its focus is on the safe space for writing and trying out new ideas, away from the business side of things. I was once employed in the biz (sound engineer and session player) but I now do it purely for fun. So I rarely look in this area of the site.

All good comments. I find the realm of it interesting. Of course, I'm a retired teacher and am more interested in songwriting as an accomplishment in itself. I'm sure it is a very tough business. I also believe it's getting tougher. I believe I mainly strive to place songs and get cuts is to get the songs out into the world. One of the reasons I do this as well.

I guess it also depends on what you call "the Biz" I decided when i wanted to make my living from music that i would be as diverse as possible in what i did, (fortuitous when in pandemic). I do anything i can music related, this is my not exhaustive list! Yes i write for professional songwriters, i write electronic music for jingles other musicians and games etc, i write songs to order for presents, I teach various instruments and songwriting, i do some production, i run events .i do workshops at festivals, I work with some industry groups in developing countries, I write songs to perform myself, i write articles for magazines and whatever else. Most of that is separate to what i do here which is just for me and for me to perform and i see it as my hobby. I should add i am slowly retiring from most professional work by choice - very hard out there but a bit easier if you are a music tart like me and am willing to do whatever people want!

@coolparadiso raises an interesting point about being diverse that I'd not considered! I design and build valved guitar amps as a hobby turned cottage industry. Last year I made more money selling three of those in a month than my music has made in a decade of being available on Bandcamp! Biggrin

I made more as an accompanist than I ever did from my own writes. Nevertheless there is a joy in creating music that is beyond the currency of the realm.

Spot on @JamKar

I deal with music business people almost every day and it is exhausting. A lot of people are mean and callous and the business side of things takes all the fun and excitement out of music.

there is no biz any more, not in the sense that there was a bi\ in the past. telephone numbers you could call to make an appointment and someone would listen to your songs, get them to the artists for whom they might be suitable. pay you some advance money or put you on the staff payroll id they thought you were prolific and diverse enough. but the funny thing is...we can make more money in our present obscurity than we ever did when 99% of what was coming in went to people who had nothing to do with it. the real problem is distribution, and what there is of it is phony, trash companies like spotify taking your money to go one a playlist with 40 million other songs...and you get .004 cents for each strea.. you need songs climbing up and downthe billboard 100 charts to have an industry. and that still does exist, but in a rooked way, because you can go number one before a single unit is purchased. today, the thing to do is your tour everywhere all the time and you will build a following of people who will pay you , for wxample, a dollar a dolwnload, of which you keep 85 note. several of todays top industry darlings started out on myspace, building a following on their own, you can do it too.

Yeah, I remember myspace. Had an accordion song there "I Don't Move Her Deadways"

Just had a song in "Heels" on Starz.