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Is to make a bet with yourself.

If you can't make x amount of songs this week, you'll do y.

And it has to be something you don't want to do (but that's preferably still useful to someone).

I saw this post the other day, and gave it some thought. I like the idea of the punishment (I use that word loosely, because I don't want to take the fun out of it) being something useful to someone else. That way you're accountable, and your spouse or partner gets that messy cupboard cleaned out.
This morning, I came up with a somewhat similar plan:
I told my wife I want to take on a big yard project, and because she handles our family finances, she gave the ok but also let me know money is a bit tight this month. So, I decided that for every song I post between now and August 17 (when I leave for a 10-day yoga retreat) I'm going to pay myself a dollar, and I'm going to start with loose change I've gathered. And I'm challenging myself to have 50 songs by then, so hopefully I'll have at least $50 toward my supplies.
By the way, I plan on commenting and writing lyrics while I'm away, and I'll return to demo-making on August 29.

I think I work better with rewards than punishments.
I tell My selft! You have to write x many today and then you can x!
With punishment My brain would just turn to a 3yr old and point fingers

The only thing that motivates me is interaction. The more, that's not negative, the more active I tend to be.

I see "interest" in my work at motivating. Sometimes it's "here", sometimes it's elsewhere and then I may be more active "here", and vise versa, elsewhere there, "in real life". (Wanting to write, does nothing for me.)

For example, recently someone has been, authentically, after me concerning music for/with them. That helps me "here".

I spent a good part of the day today with free time creating from scratch, a framework for a curriculum, -- for "music" engagement.

That motivated me to look around here more, a lot, and with more granular interest, which lead to commenting, and even this post here with you all.

-- I think "I" am a lot like most people? If the "relationships" here, persist, authentic, well, and with substance... many may do, as much as they can, well, regardless of the amount. This is something we can do for each other, imo.

I think are all motivated by positive feedback. I mean we're humans, after all! It's one of the reasons I like 50/90. We're all essentially strangers. I've only met one 50/90-er in real life. But I get more feedback from people here than I do from my own friends and family. On Facebook they'll all go batty over a political or cultural post, but when I beg them to listen for 2 minutes to a song they scroll right on by.

I'm also motivated by negative feedback. I've had couple of experiences where musical director types have told me how awful I was. When I was younger I would shrink at this. The older I get, the more "fuck you. I'm better than you. Just watch me be," my attitude has gotten (though I would never say that to anyone).

More importantly than any of this though is the feeling I get when a song clicks. I got a click song finished just last night. It needs some editing, but it's a keeper. I felt very happy when I finished it. It's like a high and I always want to get to that feeling again.

I like the way this thread is going - interesting and varied.
My motivation the last two and a half days has been our home internet being down - unfortunately this feeble wifi connection doesn't allow me to listen without interruption, but with time not spent online (playing a lot of chess as well as listening/commenting) I've written 4 songs, demoed two and working on an instrumental.
Should have internet back in full later today - if not, keep on writing and find a way to listen to you all this weekend.

One thing I stumbled upon, -- kinda obvious but forget it's there..., concerning writing down ideas when they come, staying *motivated is in the use of my cellphone camera and voice record.

The other day I was waiting for someone and "needed" to write "it" down, in "process". In the past, I just let it go, saying, "oh, I'll remember" (not).

So, this time, -- it was on a pretty krappey piece of paper, which often gets lost. (I actually wrote on the back of some report the other day... gone, gone, gone, --it may show up some day like the one song I have here from 2012 Smile five years later!)

Anyway..., what occurred to me was to use my Cell phone to snap a picture of my writing on that scrap, -- nice, it worked for me. So today, to make a short story *long :), I actually, got back to it (not as great as it sounded in my head then..., however is on the PC now, and who knows).

-- So I found the snapping of the pic of the words on a dirty napkin, self motivating! Smile

I tried the little pad carrying around thing, --didn't work for me. This cellphone camera thing does. Even the voice record thing, while nice, not the same for just lyrics. However, a must for melody.

So, remember your phone, it's a computer that happens to make calls.

I don't do punishments or rewards with myself. I focus on the fact that the task itself is implicitly fun. It is its own reward. Its absence is its own punishment.

With my own kids, I try to be careful that I honor the enjoyment they get out of tasks and not ruin things with rewards or punishments. They make stories and songs with me. I neither threaten nor bribe them. They do this because it's fun, in and of itself.

I mean, most days making songs (or writing stories) is a reward for a day of boring-ass work to pay the bills. THIS is the reward. My bribe for making it through another day or week of labor that I wouldn't be doing if I had a Basic Minimum Income and could focus on my art.