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I shared a free chiptune maker (no download necessary) in a different section of the forums and someone suggested I make it a challenge. So here it is:

Make a song using It's fun to play with on its own but I welcome combining it with other instruments/vocals/programs too. Tag whatever you come up with #beepbox.

I like this, and had fun until trying to save what I did, which I couldn’t on my iPhone.

Very cool though!

OMG, shared with Atlanta Synthesizer Club on Facebook. Shared the 50/90 link too, there's no telling what could happen ...

@marvsmooth - I've never tried to save on mobile, instead I copy the URL and e-mail it to myself to continue working on the desktop computer.

In! Prior to playing with it the other day, I'd never tried this sort of thing! Tons of fun! Smile

Same Here @TomS and now I have a strange unhealthy obsession with 8 bit synths lol

Great! I'm already working on something.

I finally did one using Beep Box. Not a big fan of the program but I like this new style of music that you all have introduced me to. Got another chiptune in the works using an 8 bit synth.

Here's two I've done with very different approaches and very different results:

This is the first time I've ever known the notes to the song before putting them into beepbox, since I was working with existing sheet music. For the first half of the song I sampled "The Entertainer" and for the second half I recreated it in chiptune. I had some difficulty slowing it down enough to sing along to, but I tried.

For this one I messed around with the FM feature. Some of the settings were selected at random. I honestly didn't listen to it at all until I had several bars, at which point I realized it was haunted. I'm not sure how parts of it ended up sounding like organ playing.

I've done six tracks in the past two days using BeepBox. Getting a little worn out just when I'm starting to improve.


You can listen to the entire album here:

And a few more:


These have been added to the album where you can listen or download for free: