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OK. Here's what I had committed to do before October blew up on me and I spent most of the month sick with a hacking cough and plugged sinuses. This is not nearly as 'together' and rehearsed as I had wished it to be but ... time's up, what with the Footlings going on candy chase tomorrow and full-time work this time of year anyway.

Thanks for listening!

3 tracks, acappella.




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Great work.

I didn't know this was a beatles song. It's interesting to not be a real fan (neither a fan or not, on a scale of fandom Wink ) anyway, -- and to hear things never pounded on the "radio" Smile hahhh.

One could really push this mix, but like how you did it, L/C/R, one each it sounds like, good stuff.

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Really nice harmonies.
Sounds great in the headphones.
Super good job here.
Thanx for sharing.

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Though it's one of the more tedious songs from this album, you made it sound so vibrant. Much more vibrant than it deserves. Nobody knows when a japanese girl will jump on your grand piano and play some backwards beethoven.

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Great job. Very brave. I don't think in a million years I'd even try something like this (without EMS on standby LOL). So, kudos indeed. Enjoyed very much.
Thanks, as always, for your kind words.

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Brave to go the acapella route, and it paid off really well!

A lovely cover of a beautiful song.