Banjoists United For 5090! (Pickin' in the BUFF!)

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Now that I think about it, I don't think I started this thread for either FAWM or last 50/90. Time to get it going again! I know some of you are banjo pickers - let's hear from you.
I've been picking on and off since I got my banjo with some bonus money in 2008. I got pretty good at bluegrass/Scruggs style for a while, but when I wasn't getting any faster (I could pick pretty cleanly, though), I moved onto other styles.
I didn't play much at all after last 50/90, but I've been getting to know my banjo again this summer. So far, I've done 7 banjo songs this 50/90.
My daughter and I have also become fans of banjo jokes - there are entire websites devoted to them. One favorite: Why is a banjo player's spouse like a police detective? They are both happier when the case is closed!

I have a lovely old tenor banjo, I haven't used it so much lately, used to play it more back in the days when I played in a more Americana/folk inspired band. Last winter was a bit hard on it temperature wise, so I had to send it of to the banjo doctor. Also have an old banjolin, kind of in the same family, it sounds ok in a room, but I always struggle with making it sound nice while recording.

I play banjolin! I love the sound of banjo but I have very short fingers. I've been really enjoying your banjo stuff, Chip. I'll have to do more with my little guy because I LOVE it!!!

When my grandpa passed away in 1988, I inherited all his musical instruments. One of them was a cheap Conservatore brand banjo. It sat in the basement unused for a quarter century, up until a couple years ago, when I started really getting into Dock Boggs. I slapped a new set of strings on it and said to myself, "It's time you learned how to play this thing!" Well, for various reasons, that endeavour lasted only a week or two, and the banjo ultimately found it's way back to the basement. Our water heater had a corroded pipe and our entire basement was flooded this past spring. The banjo was leaning up against the wall in a corner - almost the entire resonator part was filled with water. Even when it was brand new, I suspect it was never a good banjo. By the time I got it, the intonation was off and anything played past the 5th or 6th fret sounded noticeably crappy. And now, after having been soaked in water, it sounds even worse.

Umm ... what the hell's my point? Oh yeah. I think I might actually record a song with it (finally) this 50/90!

As implied above, I have very little/no idea how to play the banjo. I just tune it up (using a banjo tuner app on my cell phone) and then fingerpick like I would my acoustic guitar until something sounds halfway remotely musical. Smile

Anyway, if I record something, can I be in the banjo club?!!

@Deaf Steever, you're in!!! Please let me know when this song is posted!!! I play my banjo like fingerpicked guitar too!

I've recorded both with and without fingerpicks this 5090 - I always use a thumbpick, but depending on how careful I am when recording, the mic picks up the clicking of the metal index and middle fingerpicks.
@Deaf Steever and @johnstaples - Do you play in open G or in guitar tuning? I'm always open G. When I knew I was going to get a banjo, I tuned my guitar to open G so I'd be somewhat familiar with it. I've recorded a couple of songs in open G guitar for past 5090s.

Open G. And I don't wear fingerpicks unless I am playing Scruggs style. When I just play guitar type patterns I use just my fingers. Now I have callouses on both hands!

Hi, @johnstaples & @Chip Withrow

I should point out once again: I'm just a wannabe banjoist who wants to be in the club! :P I'm not anywhere near the level you both are - I have virtually no idea what I'm doing. I just kinda fool around with the banjo once in a while and play it like fingerstyle guitar. Sometimes I manage to eke out something that remotely resembles music. Hehe. I don't even know what tuning I play in. It's whatever one my banjo tuning app selects as its default. Smile So anyway, I have an idea for a song, but I dunno if I'll have the time to flesh it out. We shall see. I wanna be in the club!!!!

@Deaf Steever, show us that secret handshake're in!!! Biggrin

Years ago I learned a little Scruggs style but never got fast. Then I learned clawhammer from this guy, But lately I just play it like I fingerpick a guitar!

It's all good...make some noise! And lemme know when you post one so I can listen!

I have my grandfather's 1930's banjolele. It had a removable bridge that got lost along the way. My mother played it like a ukulele when it played. I should get it to my luthier (who's my bass player in the band I'm in) and get it working!

Now that I've hit 50, I'm recording some solo banjo pieces. They will all be on the second page of my profile. I have three recorded so far - I'm about to post my second.
I'm playing a few songs at the beginning and end of a yoga class I'm teaching this Sunday. I've not played banjo for a class before, but why can't banjo be a yoga instrument?