Bang! bang! thud!

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The roofers are replacing the shingles on my house...
it is very noisy.
I can't create music while there is banging and thumping going on.

Oh well.
99's a nice number to be stuck at.

Crack! Boom! Bang!

A line in a John Mellencamp song from the 80's that popped into my head just now for some reason.

Also, the noise in my head is much greater than any silly roofing that might take place.

Good news--- the roofers should be done by lunch tomorrow. (Bang! Bang! Thud!)

Before they finish, record it so you can sample it and use it as percussion.

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Yes, do so! Sample it!
Efterklang may be a hipster band over here in Europe, but some of their ideas are so nice (the running from around 1:20 in the video)

A few summers ago, we house-sat for my in-laws and there was construction going on outside. I recorded a loud. repetitive grind/clank noise from some kind of crane and included it in a 50/90 song.

Last night as I tried to work on an online course, the neighbors were hedge trimming. It wasn't really late - around 8 pm - but after dark, so that seemed strange. I looked outside and saw that they were shining their car lights into the yard so they could work.

And I live just down the street from a hospital emergency room, so every once in a while an ambulance or helicopter will make its way into one of my songs.

"sample it and use it as percussion." That's what I was going to say. Turn lemons into lemonade! But good that they'll be done soon. That noise gets annoying.

We had our shingles replaced about 15 years ago so I remember those two days well. One of these days the solar panel install will also yield interesting noises. Like @ChipWithrow I have recorded bowling ally, trains, bells, etc. for the specific purpose of later special effects. Not so much in 5090 but we live 1 mile from a small airport, a couple miles, and 1/4 mile from two busy arterials so sometimes planes, trains, and automobiles make a cameo appearance. Then there are the neighbors air conditioning units, lawn mowers, sometimes I don't notice birds singing along until I am transferring to computer....... Guitar line-in and a dynamic mic with a really tight recording field will cut out almost anything. Or if the roofers would hammer in time........