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Since the last 50/90, I've compiled, recorded and released an album entitled 'How Low Can We Go?" which is up on the Bandcamp site.
A few of the songs were taken from last year's 50/90, and most of the rest are from this year's February Album Writing Month...
One of the songs 'love is a river' is a collab with @Nancy Rost , with whom i've collaborated on several songs before, this one, unlike the others, was actually written in person face-to-face with her!

The album is a "free or pay what you want" download, and i'd be greatly honored if anyone here checks it out... I had great fun making it all, and even the political stuff on it (Trump, etc) is still, sadly, relevant!


I went there -- you've got a pretty good sound. Nice back porch overall sound with the stripped down instrumentation. Super well done. I am one of the half that is alienated or not alienated by political tunes (it depends on the day of the week). Nice guitar work on the abyss! Like the mando on song #2, too. I keep listening and stop commenting now!

Edit: I'm back. Cool tune with Nancy!!!!

thanks, Kevin!