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Hi all. I often get comments on how I go about producing my demos and some of you may know that I use band-in-a-box extensively. I have been writing blogs on this topic for the last year and recently decided to record a whole video course of how I go about producing my demos, from start to finish. For those who already use Band-in-box for windows you may be interested in learning more about this course here

I can vouch for Joanne! She writes and sings beautiful songs and I have read her blog which is also quite good!

Thank you John!

I also use BiaB, so the title of the topic lead me here... but I must say, I don't approve when people try to sell "courses" on 50/90! Sad

I'm sorry that you are offended. I just thought some people may want to know about it.

@JoanneCooper, don't worry about it! Your offer was a very simple and sincere one from a fellow FAWMer and not like someone selling sunglasses or other such nonsense! This forum even has a section for self-promotion and folks here have offered their albums for sale, promoted their radio appearances, etc. I hope you get a few orders and this post shall serve to bump it back to the top of the forum list temporarily! Smile

Hi John. Thanks so much for taking the time to post that. I appreciate the support. I tried to find some sort of BIAB course when I first started but there doesn't seem to be anything. There is nothing on Udemy nor Groove 3. There are loads of tutorials on Youtube but all a little disjointed and none that take you the process from start to finish. I think a lot of people get BIAB and then quickly give up because it seems too complex, which is a very great pity because it really is the most awesome tool for songwriting as well as recording, producing etc and can be the only tool needed for an average musician (like myself) to produce radio ready recordings (but one has to be prepared to put in the effort to learn it...)

Hey Joanne,

I remember you from 2016 Smile

I saw your link, post, but only just had time to read through it.

Your link site looks great, as it should.

This may fill a need. I know I never looked at biab since didn't want to take the time to pick through it. I'm as well an "analogue-man" ... while being a career person in R&D tech.

I don't know your teaching background, though your bio is very nice! Good story.

If you are using a "shell", like as you commented or my favorite --Blackboard... you have other options for introduction of something like this.

One is, --do consider posting or reposting in the other forum mentioned. The push back as I see, feel it is not personal at all, it's just that EVERY music song group like on Facebook unless heavily Mod'd turns into a "look at me" spam dump and becomes useless, --quickly. It's how I and a friend wound up here, fawm, quite by accident and someone "spamming" it Smile , --ironic! Wink

Another is, --many online courses do well to allow folks into the Shell, sans the content to get the look and feel and read-only the Forum Discussions and "stuff" that makes it a "home" for a while.

And still another is, -- allow a period of time for folks "here" free. Limit it to "several" who first show a keen interest. "This", all of this ~here~ is "free" (?) pending a voluntary donation. And any, all here if really stuck may just start a help thread. Sometimes it's pot luck, many many times, it's a one answer fix... so as good as it gets for help, --if even paid for! (Again, ironic)

I know the $10 is a "token" payment and does not cover the cost of hours of Curriculum planning and etc. and interactive follow up if exists (and usually does as support for it all). Moreover, then a "donate" what you want can work too, for an exposure promotion incentive. Sometimes folks without a "number" suggested immediately go to another one, and higher than what you may expect. Many of the course on those other sites commented are minimum of $50 with "life time" access (or as long as the server exists Smile )

Best of luck to you in that!

Hey Nutation. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my site and I know what you mean about taking the time to pick through BIAB. It does take a lot of effort...

I think for me I am not trying (at this stage) to create a community around BIAB. PG Music is already doing this pretty well with their forums. What no one seems to be addressing is how to develop the very first song. Step by step, end to end. So many people buy the product and simply give up because it is too much effort to get to know it. All I've done at this stage is developed a video course to help people with this step. I will be doing some short video tutorials etc on specific tips and tricks which will give people a taste of what they learn in the course.

I just started using Band In A Box. Great tool. I'm using it to do a traditional style outlaw country album right now. I have the 2011 version with one of the realtrack add on packs but i hope to upgrade to the newest full version next year before FAWM.

I used BIAB exclusively for this year's 50/90 and it did (I believe) a great job. I watched Joanne's video and recommend it.

Hi @krayzie003 I can highly recommend upgrading from the 2011 version. You will find many improvements and many realtracks for you to play around with. Jerry, thanks very much. I appreciate it. If anybody is still interested in taking the course the price will in all likelihood be going up on the 1st October (I am not too sure right now how much it will be going up).