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Just finished my bit in the Acoustic Lo-Fi corpse and this zany idea struck me that I have not seen here before. So I thought I would share. How about if we have a variation on the Exquisite Corpse (where the first writer writes a minute and sends the last ten seconds to the next writer, etc.) where we build up to the first ten seconds of what will be the next corpse segment? So the last shall be first and the first shall be last. In other words, the first songwriter who records their full minute and sends their first ten seconds or so to the next on the list songwriter will be the last one in the stitched together recording. The second songwriter on the list will write a minute piece to lead up to that first 10 seconds provided by the first songwriter, and be fourth in the recording, etc.

Looking for volunteers to sign up (pick an open spot if you like) and/or to stitch. I'm hoping there will be enough interest that I can happily sit on the sidelines and listen to the end result, but am willing to play any of these roles if need be to fill out the lineup card. Since the last shall be first I suggest trying this with five songwriters.

Rules otherwise shamelessly plagiarized and slightly edited from the parallel Acoustic Lo-Fi Corpse thread hosted by @metalfoot.

House rules:
1. Roughly a minute or so of music, acoustic in style, preferably one vocal and one acoustic instrument, production caliber not necessary, in fact, the cleaner (minimal effects if any) the sound, the better!
2. Send the FIRST 10 sec of your section to next person on list and the whole section to the stitcher.
3. Your music ideally should build up to whatever you heard musically/lyrically in the 10 seconds you received!
4. Have fun with it!

Stitcher - AndyGetch

Willing participants (in order of writing the full minute and sending the FIRST 10 seconds to the next writer):

First to record, fifth in the recording - @kahlo2013 >>> completed
Second to record, fourth in the recording - @JamKar >>> completed
Third to record, third in the recording - @metalfoot >>> completed
Fourth to record, second in the recording - @izaak >>> completed
Fifth to record, first in the recording - @ampersandman >>> completed

I would be willing to try this and would be willing to go first and come in last - or anywhere you want to put me

Mind. Blown. This sounds like fun, Andy. Put me in coach, somewhere in the middle!

Yes! Please add me somewhere.

Thanks for the quick response, the line-up in the beginning thread is edited. @kahlo2013 you shall record first and be last in the recording, then send your first ten seconds to @JamKar, then @metalfoot Smile


Andy are you sticking? I just sent my 10 seconds to Jamkar!!! We are off!!!

Hi @kahlo2013 looks like I am stitching, so please send me your segment.

Sent to your private soundboard

I am in receipt of @kahlo2013 10 sec.

10 sec. sent to @metalfoot.

Yes, let me play. I love the idea of leading up to the segment that comes next! Backwards Corpse!

Yay @izaak I have added you to the line-up following @metalfoot

OK. Will try to write a minute of music LEADING UP to what JamKar sent me and then send the FIRST 10s to izaak? (Still trying to come to mental grips with this procedure...!)

You got this @metalfoot

Great idea Andy! That sounds like fun. Can I join in as fifth to record?

@ampersandman I have added you, thanks for playing! I'm grateful to have a full line-up so I can sit back and watch this one fold (backwards from unfold LOL) Smile

First 10 seconds sent to @izaak, full minute sent to @AndyGetch and the segment I've written connects nicely to the 10 sec I got from @JamKar I think...

Okay, my full segment is off to @AndyGetch and the _first_ ten seconds is off to @ampersandman so he can write the first segment last. It'll be fun to hear how this one turns out!

I recorded my piece and sent it to @AndyGetch. So we should hear the results soon.

Can't wait! I look forward to hearing this!!

It is posted @ampersandman @izaak @metalfoot @JamKar @kahlo2013. Thanks to all for the wonderful musical segments! Feel free to edit the liner notes and post lyrics.

Thank you Andy!!! Great idea and wonderful stitching! Loved hearing all of the segments!! Thanks team for letting me take part!

Well done all! Big Thanks to Andy for the stitchery magic!