Back up your files!

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I know many of you are more clever than I and have a regular backup as part of your workflow.

For those who are more scatter-brained, like me, this is your periodic reminder to do a backup.

I just bought a 6TB external drive on sale for $110 Canadian today so I am using that to back up my computer and my wife's computer.

I do this, but not often enough, especially now that my laptop is becoming unreliable.
Thanx for the reminder.
I'll do that now.

I had a drive failure right before 50/90. Lost all music I made since August 2019. This, from a guy who always warned and encouraged others to back up their stuff.
Congrats on an awesome deal, good grief!

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I'm always shocked at how relatively cheap memory has gotten. I have a bunch of thumb drives of various sizes probably equal to about 4 or 5TB's but they're so tiny I always lose them too Biggrin

I did just recently lose a bunch of stuff just doing some transferring around after my HD was getting full, might still be there, just misplaced in the shuffle
A nice external drive, would probably be a wise investment! and a lot easier to keep somewhat organized.

Thanks for the reminder!