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I've shown you mine, let me hear yours!
Use autoharp on a song, tag it #autoharp and post a link here. I know i'm not the only one, right?

I have one, they take so ding dang long to tune up LOL! How do you record yours? I get lots of clicking from my picks....

I wear my headphones with the condenser mic, record with an mp3 recorder app on my phone and play softly. It's the easiest way I've found for now. I have an amp jack on mine, so I have recorded it through the audio interface into my DAW, then recorded a second track of the vocal.

You know I'm totally doing an autoharp song. In the key of F. Because I have no choice with my autoharp!

That's my favorite key, @metalfoot

If I manage to tune it, I will give this a try.

I'll get mine out this summer just because I can! It will be fun to hear how others play!

For me, tuning requires several snacks, lots of green tea and a couple silly movies.. and guitar tuna on my phone... and the wrench... can't forget the wrench...

I don't have an autoharp, but my first song featured mountain dulcimer. Similar wonderful folksy sound, but only 3 courses and 4 strings!

I was thinking of using mine last year and I didn't. Perhaps I'll get off my lazy burro and use it for something this year.

I was hoping you would tag it or at least post a link here, it's close enough for me. I really enjoyed your song.

I don’t own an autoharp (yet), but I do own a zither and a melody-maker.

Bring it, marv. Smile

I'm guessing that none of us have done our Autoharp song yet because we are still tuning them? LOL!

Tuning the autoharp - day 372 - Isn't it funny how when you tune the 2nd octive, the first octive seems to go out for a burger..... Smile

I think I should tune mine, but I'm kinda enjoying the out of tune-ness. LOL Just do it! Smile I can't be the only one!!