Auntie Sin (Anti-Syn Game)

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Ok ok i’m in. No preference

Sign me up! Either or Smile

Anti in for me please

i'd like to take an anti if that's alright, but you could put me down for anything & i wouldnt complain Smile

Sign me up! I love this game!!!!

Count me in. Either for an anti- or a syn-

If you need a seed song, you can use this one:

Just make sure to get me on another thread. I am happy to do either anti- or syn-. I've enjoyed doing both!

thanks @colgoo for seed song and everyone so far for signing up. @kahlo2013 you're up first if you're ready! Plenty of room for more, roll up! roll up! Smile

sign me up, please!

Sign me up for either!

Oh thanks! I just saw this... will do ...

count me in, please @wobbie wobbit

Okay, here is SONG 2, the ANTI of Colleen's Song 1.
She made a tough song to follow with an ANTI-song and now I have no idea how @coolparadiso will do a SYN of both! Yet, that is the next task at hand! Thanks @colgoo for making this so challenging!

Nice one @kahlo2013 (I haven't listened to @colgoo's song yet, saving the surprise myself) Good luck @coolparadiso you're up! Will add the other requests to join too.

Just finishing mine. Not sure if its good or bad but i know nothing about Dora nor do i speak or understand any Spanish. So its gonna be a simple synth of ideas. I did see one played guitar and 1 uke so i might even synth that and play both.

So here is my go-= bearing in mind Ive never seen Dora or speak Spanish. I do know of her of course. So i just went through both sets of lyrics - which had anti and seed. I thought i would be a bit whimsical so as well as the words i used uke, xylophone and óther for the music.

thanks @coolparadiso! I must say it's intriguing seeing "spoilers" as i haven't listened to the chain yet so as not to colour my turn when it comes @mark you are up to do an ANTI of @coolparadiso's song. Good luck!

ooh boy, i'm up! looks like an interestin' concept, & i've already got some ideas; gimme a few days & i'll have something for y'all. Smile

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can I sign up, please?

thanks @mark signed you up @owl - @Jibbidy34 You're up Smile

Ok - here's mine!

@Outasync it's your turn to do an ANTI song

thanks @Jibbidy34 @Outasync you're up Smile