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well much as I would hate to scupper @simpleiscomplex 's nearly finished attempt, what do we think here it is 3 weeks on this turn now and heard nothing since the "hopefully tonight" on wednesday. am i being impatient/unreasonable? @Powerstars do you fancy swapping in if no last minute save, or @izaak do you fancy swapping roles?

I'm ready to roll any time, and can swap roles, or whatever works. I wish @simpleiscomplex would chime in, but also understand the need to keep the project moving forward. How about I jump in and write an Anti-song to @iveg 's Post-Apocalyptic Love Song, and then if @simpleiscomplex gets the Anti- posted, I write the Syn as planned?? (This way I get to write two songs Smile )

[double post - won't delete]

@izaak Good on you let's do that Smile

. . . And the technical difficulties continue. I am so sorry guys.

@wobbie wobbit, @izaak Here it is at last.
I'm gonna go collapse now, that was waaaay harder than it should have been.

well done @simpleiscomplex sorry you had such problems with it. @izaak as you were... over to you for the SYN. good luck Smile

Woo Hoo! Nice work @simpleiscomplex I am now attempting to synthesize... oh my...

And here it is: *24535

I do believe that @Powerstars is up for the Anti-song !!!

Too much fun, I'm going back to listen through the chain now.

I want to jump in on this! I need inspiration - got a lot of catching up to do... Where am I in the queue?

sorry cousins, been away again... Thanks izaak off to listen now ... @Powerstars Are you on it? [@Corinne Lucy] welcome aboard.. i will stick you in to do synthesis of izaak's and powerstar's songs, as @AndyGetch is on the finish Smile

standing by. I will follow [@Corinne Lucy]

Awesome, thanks! Can't wait to hear how @powerstars takes this forward... I LOVE that beepbox thing, spent my entire lunch break at work playing with it (on headphones otherwise the office would have murdered me by now)!

[@Corinne Lucy] It's fun, right? I was thinking I should make a thread to share it with everybody as a songwriting tool/challenge.

Do it! It's so useful, everyone should see it!

if we dont hear from @Powerstars soon, [@Corinne Lucy] do you want to swap in now ?

I'll do what Izaak did - I'll work on an antithesis, but if @Powerstars beats me back I'll do the synthesis. Two songs in this arena of love/hate/apocalypse/technology would be right up my street Smile

excellent! and great plan. Have fun at the apocalypse!

I've got the bones of a song, just need some time to work out the chords and record it - should be able to do that tomorrow evening! I've got a song out of this whatever happens :P

Started working on mine. Will get it up hopefully tomorrow or Thursday at absolute latest, but I'll try for today.

Ace! I'll be interested to see how your antithesis differs from mine! And to start figuring out how I can synthesise it with Izaak's...

Sorry this is later than my "absolute latest" (I'm so bad at setting deadlines), but it's here now.


thank you @Powerstars. [@Corinne Lucy] you are up for your SYN now, but please do post your alternative ANTI.

Thanks Wobbie! Listening to the @Powerstars anti, I have NO idea how I'm going to synthesize these two crazy songs, but I'll do my best!

Here's my alternative anti: - Same title as the official one, but I love how we managed to take that kernel of an idea in two totally different directions! Anyway, now to begin the synthesis...

I feel kinda bad. This challenge is HARD so I procrastinated and wrote two other songs today instead. So I feel guilty, but also, thanks Auntie Sin!

...I'll get right on it...

how's it going [@Corinne Lucy]? hope you are having fun even if it is, as you say, HARD Wink

I think I'm being too perfectionist about it... I need to just jump in and FAWM something! (Or Fi-Ni it but that doesn't work so well, as a verb...)

My newest tactic is to use the Text Mixing Desk ( as a starting point. In between applying for Dutch citizenship and heading to the studio, I should be able to get something tonight. Usually I write in the car and just record whatever nonsense I sing - bit harder when it has to actually be about something in particular! Sorry everyone!

[@Corinne Lucy] no worries and I am looking forward to anti-synthesizing your song. It will probably be a week until I can work on the next step, and, unless there is a change in the line-up post by @wobbie wobbit, it looks like I am last.

looks like it's all timing in nicely then, best of luck Smile

Perhaps I'll be able to work on this further before AndyGetch gets back and needs it, but I don't think so: I have laryngitis. Luckily I recorded a rough idea on Saturday morning. I had hoped to work on the melody further, this was something I improvised on the first go round and then recorded on the second and really I wanted to incorporate more elements of the two songs I was synthesising... but I don't think I'll get my voice back in time. The lyrics I created by throwing the two previous songs through the Text Mixing Desk and then coaxing them to make some kind of sense. The resulting song is called You're Digital, and I interpret it as being about someone who's lover turns out to have been a robot all along.

[@Corinne Lucy] I'm on it! BTW your vocals sound fine on the recording.

woo hoo. perfect timing Smile Thanks to everybody who played. Really enjoyed watching (hearing) the journey of the chain, some really cool songs came out of the game. Well done cousins! See you in February? xx