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My favourite Fawm and 50/90 game!

How it works:

We have a chain of participants. We start with a "seed" song then the next person in the chain writes the "opposite" (Anti) of that song. The following person writes a song that combines elements of those two opposite songs - a "synthesis" of them (Syn). The next person writes an opposite to that song, the next a synthesis of those two opposites. And on we go like that.

1. Seed Song
2. Anti of song 1
3. Syn of songs 1 & 2
4. Anti of song 3
5. Syn of songs 3 & 4
6. Anti of song 5
7. Syn of songs 5 & 6

Sign up below if you want to play (say whether you would like Anti or Syn position or no preference).
It is a fun game and some really good songs come out of it
Can someone volunteer to start us off with a seed song, please? (You can join the chain further down the line when it has hopefully changed a bit then.)

If we get enough participants we can have a couple of chains running so there is not a long wait to play.

While (unlike FAWM) we have the luxury of time, lets try to keep it ticking over. If you know it is going to take more than about 4 days to turn in your song let me know and we can reshuffle the list and keep it moving.

Try not to listen to any of the songs previously in the chain so you just have the song(s) for your turn! Then of course you get to go back and listen to the whole chain and see the journey.


thanks everyone and thank you very much @colgoo for the seed song!

Below is a rough line-up, but let's re-shuffle as is convenient to keep it rolling.

@colgoo I have put you further down the line when the chain will have morphed from your seed, but I am still open to starting another chain if we get more takers and like I say, we can shuffle accordingly to suit everyone.

Plenty of room for more to sign up!

(I did roughly in order of sign up taking into account preferences)

@kahlo2013 - You're up!

1. SEED - *30388 - @colgoo
2. ANTI - *30557 - @kahlo2013
3. SYN - *30857 - @coolparadiso
4. ANTI - *31155 - @mark
5. SYN - *31352 - @Jibbidy34
6. ANTI - *31552 - @Outasync
7. SYN - *31745 - @wobbie wobbit
8. ANTI - *32031 - @iveg
9. SYN - *32236 - @plainwhitetoast
10. ANTI - *32540 - @colgoo
11. SYN - *32957 - @owl
12. ANTI - *33031 - @cblack
13. SYN - *34501 - @wacha
14. ANTI - *34580 - @kahlo2013
15. SYN - @nateger <---- YOUR TURN

Ok ok i’m in. No preference

Sign me up! Either or Smile

Anti in for me please

i'd like to take an anti if that's alright, but you could put me down for anything & i wouldnt complain Smile

Sign me up! I love this game!!!!

Count me in. Either for an anti- or a syn-

If you need a seed song, you can use this one:

Just make sure to get me on another thread. I am happy to do either anti- or syn-. I've enjoyed doing both!

thanks @colgoo for seed song and everyone so far for signing up. @kahlo2013 you're up first if you're ready! Plenty of room for more, roll up! roll up! Smile

sign me up, please!

Sign me up for either!

Oh thanks! I just saw this... will do ...

count me in, please @wobbie wobbit

Okay, here is SONG 2, the ANTI of Colleen's Song 1.
She made a tough song to follow with an ANTI-song and now I have no idea how @coolparadiso will do a SYN of both! Yet, that is the next task at hand! Thanks @colgoo for making this so challenging!

Nice one @kahlo2013 (I haven't listened to @colgoo's song yet, saving the surprise myself) Good luck @coolparadiso you're up! Will add the other requests to join too.

Just finishing mine. Not sure if its good or bad but i know nothing about Dora nor do i speak or understand any Spanish. So its gonna be a simple synth of ideas. I did see one played guitar and 1 uke so i might even synth that and play both.

So here is my go-= bearing in mind Ive never seen Dora or speak Spanish. I do know of her of course. So i just went through both sets of lyrics - which had anti and seed. I thought i would be a bit whimsical so as well as the words i used uke, xylophone and óther for the music.

thanks @coolparadiso! I must say it's intriguing seeing "spoilers" as i haven't listened to the chain yet so as not to colour my turn when it comes @mark you are up to do an ANTI of @coolparadiso's song. Good luck!

ooh boy, i'm up! looks like an interestin' concept, & i've already got some ideas; gimme a few days & i'll have something for y'all. Smile

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can I sign up, please?

thanks @mark signed you up @owl - @Jibbidy34 You're up Smile

Ok - here's mine!

@Outasync it's your turn to do an ANTI song

thanks @Jibbidy34 @Outasync you're up Smile

Here's mine:

Demo is done! WW, I have no clue how you're going to make a synthesis of these.

thanks @Outasync but the demo is not working for me... If i get chance i will try to look if you can put up demo soon - but i should also say that i may be out of action at any point soon and might have to reshuffle the list and give someone else that challenge, sorry if that is the case but if you can sort out demo i will try to have a crack at it if i can but can't guarantee my availability.

Thanks for the heads up about the demo - I thought it was just a problem with my browser. Not sure why the dropbox link didn't work, but I've swapped it out. it should play now.

have done my synthesis, @iveg you're up!

I might regret this later, but sign me up for an anti!

Done! *32031 ... Go @plainwhitetoast - time to synthesize!

I'm going to try and get this started tomorrow night and get it posted some time this weekend.

I'd like to sign up, I'm super late getting into the game this time around.

that's fine @wacha plenty of room/time for more! we are rolling along nicely. any more for any more?

I've got a demo up for my synthesis. *32236

I am going to re-record it with my full band this coming week.

@colgoo - time for you to Anti up.

Here is my antithesis:

Sorry to take so long. I started a new job this week and I’m figuring out how to balance my life out....

thanks @colgoo . @owl , you are up to synthesise!

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Running a little late... I have something written but I'm working on the demo! Sorry for the delay.

no worries just checking you had seen Smile

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yep I've been swamped this week but should be able to finish soon now that it's the weekend!

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OK @wobbie wobbit, I'm all set with my synthesis of @colgoo and @plainwhitetoast's songs! Sorry for the wait.

My turn! Hopefully I'll have this done within a few days. I already have some ideas percolating... We'll see how it goes. Smile

Could I do an anti- again?

My anti:

Not sure how anti it really is, but this is what came out of me... Smile

thanks @wacha Your turn Smile yep have added you for an ANTI @kahlo2013 Anyone else want another turn?

sorry for radio silence, been in a field with no signal for a week.. @wacha are you around/on it?

sorry been absent... have not heard from @wacha though... does anyone want to do a Syn?

Sorry, I have been MIA. I'm up for getting it done band posted this weekend if that works. Sorry I have held everyone up for so long!

@wacha that is fine with me - I follow you!

I moved and was out of commision for a month and a half but I'm back and want to Aunti-Syn!

yep i have been absent too, great go for it @wacha Smile and i will add you @nateger

Sorry for the wait, here is my track -

Thanks for your waiting.