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nearly a week in and this hasn't popped up. my fave 5090 game. a chain. song 2 - the ANTITHESIS of song 1. song 3 - the SYNTHESIS of song 1 and 2... song 4 the ANTITHESIS of song 3... song 5 the SYNTHESIS of song 3 and 4... etc tc.
who's up?
Here's list so far, let me know if any shuffling would suit you all better.
Remember not to listen until it's your turn and tag your songs #auntie-sin

Thanks for the starting song @john crossman.

1. @john crossman - Start song - *17055
2. @AndyGetch - ANTITHESIS of song 1 - *17129
3. @iveg - SYNTHESIS of songs 1 and 2 - *17395
4. @Vom Vorton - ANTITHESIS of song 3 - *17558
5. @wobbie wobbit - SYNTHESIS of songs 3 and 4 - *17790
6. @barbara - ANTITHESIS of song 5 *18156
7. @john crossman - SYNTHESIS of songs 5 and 6 *18895
8. @Powerstars - ANTITHESIS of song 7 *19640
9. @izaak - SYNTHESIS of songs 7 and 8 *19987
10. @colgoo - ANTITHESIS of song 9 *20100
11. @Jibbidy34- SYNTHESIS of songs 9 and 10 *20173

I would take a crack at it, also one of my perennial favorites.

Who else?

Yay, me too. True confession, it's not my favorite actually, but it's a good challenge and stretches my creative boundaries. I want to play!

Me too.

Don't think I've ever actually tried this challenge before. Seems about time I did! Sign me up.

does anyone have a suitable starting song to donate to the cause? I only have one done so far and not sure it is a good starter really...

I could probably whip one up in a day or two and would be willing to start.

Where are all the auntie-sinners?! Sign up now while there's still room!! Smile

brilliant John thanks Smile i'll start a list up top... do you also want a go a bit later in the chain so you can play too?

Sure, if there's a bit of distance between the beginning and my 2nd turn, that would be fun.

Please sign me up Smile
First time ever.

I would like to give it a go

I'm down as well.

I am already practicing being antithetical! Can't wait for my opportunity! Smile

I'm back in the USA (although not quite up and recording yet) ! This is my favorite game also, @wobbie wobbit . Please put me in the queue.

@wobbie wobbit and @AndyGetch -- finally put up my starter for the chain. Find it here: *17055

Just a general gentle reminder - remember not to listen until it's your turn and tag your songs #auntie-sin

Finished *17395 the synthesis of Andy and John's parts. @Vom Vorton it's all yours.

*knees knocking* (it's getting closer...)

I'm game. Might as well give it a try...

I've written my anti-lyrics, will hopefully get time to record later today.

I have antithesised!
I submit *17558 for your auntie's pleasure.

Over to you, @wobbie wobbit!

thanks @Vom Vorton. I did try to reply while I was away, but i couldn't post it from my phone for some reason. Have returned home now, won't get chance today but will get on it tomorrow Smile

Have done my synthesis - *17790

I hope to get this completed over the weekend and pass the baton over to @john crossman

After my one-week extension, I finally have mine up: *18156
Next up: @john crossman

thanks barbara and everyone, can't seem to edit from my phone so apologies for silence, lovin g the chain so far, sorry not left a comment yet barbara, want the space to write it but have heard it and i like it and you are def playing the game fine as far as i can see.. i like this challenge, i only am doing it cos no one else did and i didn't want to miss it Smile

hi fellow Nieces and Nephews, have been away and am going away in a few hours for unknown time, but depending how things go i may get chance to pop in. how's it going @john crossman ?

guess that makes us all cousins (if not sibs)

I should be able to put something together in the not-too-distant future.

@wobbie wobbit I'm late to the game I know. Please can you put me in the queue??

Cousin @Jibbidy34 welcome Smile How's it going @john crossman?

Well, I'd like to say it was worth waiting for but I cannot. Nonetheless, I have finally completed my next synthesizing entry - *18895.

My apologies for the extreme tardiness. On to @Mt.Mélodie for an antithesis!

I think it's a really lovely song john! Auntie or not.

cousin @Mt.Mélodie are you there?

@wobbie wobbit I'm still around, but writing lyrics takes some time for me.

cool, wasn't meaning to rush you, just checking you'd got the message it's your turn Smile have fun!

@wobbie wobbit and everyone else for that sake, I (fortunately for my account balance) have to much studio work these days to find much time to write or record my own stuff. I have hit the wall with this challenge, so to make sure the sins keeps flowing, please remove me from the family tree.

This is what @john crossman posted on my wall about the song
Hello hello,

You're up next in the auntie-sin game, antithesizing this tune of mine - *18895. If it helps, I used these chords:
Verse: G, Em, D, Bm (in various sequences)
Chorus: Am, G, Em, D/F#
Bridge: G, D/F#, Am, with a Cm thrown in for good measure

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

ok @Mt.Mélodie. @Powerstars - Are you up for the Antithesis instead? if so, I will shuffle us all up so shout now if anyone has a preference for ANTI or SYN.

I'm fine with doing the antithesis. Probably won't be able to this weekend, but after that I can get to work on it.

great. have fun Smile

I'm home from Alaska, and have a two day window before I leave for Montana. Any chance of hearing that Anti-song, @Powerstars ?? Else, put me off until Monday, September 12th. I can promise a quick turnaround (Anti or Syn) either now or then. If I'm on deck too long now, I may need to be skipped and returned to later. If we have quick turnarounds we can still let everyone play before the 50/90 ends!!! Keep the songs coming!

Thanks for organizing this @wobbie wobbit !!!

@izaak Sorry I haven't gotten it done yet! Been pretty busy. Will get it done before the 12th. Smile

I've had pretty bad luck the past few days. I'm sick and my microphone stopped working, so I'll just leave an instrumental take of my song with the lyrics listed. Sorry it's not a proper demo.


Thanks @Powerstars. hope you feel better soon. @izaak - Are you happy to fill in the gaps on the demo with the printed lyrics in your imagination to have a go at a synthesis? if so you're up!

cousin @izaak - are you there????

Yes, @wobbie wobbit, my week turned into a monster, and I've just now checked back in. I will begin my synthesis shortly!


Let me know when you get it loaded. I'm eager to work on the antithesis this weekend. If I finish by Monday, I think that will give the last person time to make the final synthesis.

Thank you @colgoo that would be me! Looking forward to doing the final synthesis Biggrin

Okay, @colgoo here it is! Looks like you're up for the anti-song. Have fun!


thanks @izaak sounds like you're already on it @colgoo Smile

Hello, everyone. I'm excited to start listening to all this music you've been writing. Here is my humble offering:

Have fun @Jibbidy34!!!!