August/September Morph 3 Songwriting Recording Challenge

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August/September Morph 3 Songwriting Recording Challenge

Place - Writer - Status
Songwriter One (seed song) - @AndyGetch -
Songwriter Two - @kahlo2013 -
Songwriter Three - @lowhum -
Songwriter Four(A) - @Victoria Quinn - notified; Songwriter Four(B) - @barbara -
Songwriter Five(A) - @nateger - notified; Songwriter Five(B) - @JamKar
Songwriter Six - @AndyGetch -

Morph 1 is just wrapping up and Morph 2 (lyrics only) is underway so I am opening up another songwriting/recording Morph for anyone who is interested in playing, or playing again. Still plenty of time (as I write this about a FAWM-and-a-half) left in 5090. Will shorten or lengthen depending on level of interest.

For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, it goes like this:

Songwriter One posts a link in this thread to a seed song recording from the current 50/90 and includes in the song posting (or relays supplemental information to Songwriter Two on their soundboard) musical information such as bpm, time signature, lyrics chords in the note that it is Songwriter Two's turn.

Songwriter Two listens to Songwriter One's song and changes approximately 50 percent of the song. Could be all different music with identical lyrics. Could be the exact same music with all different lyrics. To me the same music means using the same chords, melody, tempo, meter, and key. I suggest that use of the same instruments or melody in the exact octave is not required to keep music the same. Or, my favorite, it could be changes to both music and lyrics keeping approximately 50 percent. Ideally each succeeding song is written in five days or less. Songwriter Two posts the song with a tag #morph1 and link in this thread. Songwriter Two sends a note to Songwriter Three with music information and that it is their turn.

Songwriter Three only listens to Songwriter Two's song and does NOT listen to Songwriter One's song. Songwriter Three changes 50 percent of Songwriter Two's song, posts it and contacts songwriter Four.

Songwriter Four (and succeeding songwriters) only listens to the prior songwriter's (in this case Songwriter Three) song in the chain and does NOT listen to any other previous songs in the chain, changes 50 percent of the prior song, posts it and contacts the next songwriter in the chain, and so on......

Typically at some point late in the game the seed songwriter can rejoin to finish the morph.


Thanks @lowhum it is your turn! Let me know if you need details on the music.

I’ll play!

@kahlo2013 super, you will follow @lowhum!

Sign me up!

Great @nateger you are in the lineup!

Oh this sounds fun! May I join?

Yes of course @Victoria Quinn you are welcome to join and I have added you into the lineup Smile Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey, I overestimated my occupations. Could you please put me a bit further down the line? Otherwise you will have to wait for me till 2nd of September. Sorry about that - as always life interfered.

@lowhum I moved you a few slots down as requested. That means @kahlo2013 is next up!

I would love to play this time!!

Yeah, I would love to!

@barbara @JamKar that is wonderful. I have added you both to the lineup.

Okay Nate is UP! I sent him a message!

Any movement happening here?

Thx for the bump @barbara. Partly my bad for not going far enough down to monitoring this thread on vacation. Based on discussions in another thread @nateger has been out of action so who would like to move up to keep the thread going? @lowhum @Victoria Quinn @JamKar? We will need to turnaround songs in two or three days (max) each turn in order to finish.

Okay executive decision to keep this moving. @barbara I changed the lineup and moved you up into the third slot.

thanks @lowhum! Since there is one week to go in 5090 I have split the remaining songwriters in the chain into two groups to allow everyone a chance to play. Therefore @barbara you as songwriter Four(B) will also morph the @lowhum song and @JamKar as songwriter Five(B) you will follow @barbara. I will morph if or whichever branch of the chain finishes first and before the end of 5090 song posting.

Ah, the old fork in the road Morph trick! Good work!

Yeah. Good plan!

I have morphed @lowhum's song, here:
I believe I am supposed to notify @JamKar, unless things have changed... off to do that now.

@JamKar has acknowledged the baton being tossed.

Wonderful @barbara

and mine for posterity inserted into a prior song post '5090 over' Thanks to all who participated!