Audio Interface Recommendations (Win 7)

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Hi - I've just about had enough of my Firewire interface (MOTU 8pre) because every 10 minutes or so it crackles and pops, and I have to turn it on and off super quick otherwise I get a massive blast of static noise.

So I think I'll probably make the switch to a basic 2/4 input USB interface. Does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally I'd like zero latency monitoring and 2 separate outs, but other than that - anything will do.

Offtopic, have you tried turning the buffer a bit higher? It might eliminate the crackles.

I've been using a Focusrite Scarlett interface for the last couple of years and they seem very good. I've got one with quite a few inputs (I thought I might have a chance to record a band that never ended up recording) but they have a full range from one-input to "cram an orchestra into your living room" (probably). I've not had any technical problems with it, I can't get the latency QUITE as low as I used to on my old internal Audiophile thing but it's still absolutely fine for monitoring.

I mean... it probably will yeah - but I'm already at 128 samples and running Ableton Live so too much latency will render it unusable (although in time maybe I'll adjust).

It's probably to do with the drivers, but MOTU don't care about legacy products.

Check your sync settings? When I hear crackles that's. where the problem was in my system