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Waving 'hi' and I don't mean to be a pain. I use DropBox for my demo recordings for 50 in 90 and FAWM. I've never succeeded in finding information that works for me online or on our websites for 50/90 or FAWM on how to get my DropBox links to NOT open in a new tab or window. I have tried what I can and it doesn't work. I'm fairly tech savvy, able to follow directions. So, if I can find a fix, I'm happy to implement them. I have a fairly old DropBox account and I'm not sure I have the ability to create the links needed to not open in a new tab or window, but I'm willing to try. I use both desktop and mobile versions of DropBox on newest MacBook Air and an iPhone 11. So, I have hope, haha! Maybe there's new options or settings that I've not found. I know that some want the links to not open in new tabs or windows, so I want to honor that. Thanks in advance. I did try to search in our forums for a fix, but wasn't successful. Thanks in advance. Smile Smile Hugs to all...

Hi @LisaMarie777, I've been using Dropbox to post my songs at FAWM and here at 50/90 for a number of years now. The trick is you have to modify the link once you paste it into song link field on FAWM/50-90's song posting page. You need to remove all of the information AFTER the .mp3 near the end of the link address (the "?dl=0" ). You then have to modify the beginning of the link from "" to "". With these two modifications to the link address, the song will be posted as a streamable MP3 so that it will play normally on both the FAWM & 50/90 sites.

Here's an example from my first FAWM song from this year:

Original Dropbox Link:

Modified Dropbox Link:

Hope this helps Biggrin If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask.

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I just tested Candle's instructions and they worked for me as a direct link in my browser.

Oh thanks. I will try that again. I did try to do that with FAWM in 2021, but it didn't work for me. I seem to have no issues with my Dropbox links on this website for whatever reason. So far, it seems to behave. Smile

Mine are working as expected this year as well, @LisaMarie777. I'm glad to hear they're working for you as well.

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Well, I just realized why the workaround above doesn't work for me, haha! My recordings are mp4, not mp3, so they won't work in the player on this website. I suppose I could convert them to mp3. I'd have to find a way to do that, which shouldn't be hard. I use GarageBand on my iPhone 11 and find it easier than other apps and it works with my other Apple tech. I guess I could just record on my iPhone's memo recorder feature, but I've found those to not have the best sound quality.

You should be able to find a converter that can convert the file from MP4 (a Video format) to MP3 (Audio). Might need a computer to do it, tho. But there may be an Apple App that will do this for you. Not sure. I don't own a Cell Phone of any kind, so I'm not much help when it comes to Apps.

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For fast and good audio conversions to mp3 I use the audio converter on They have umpteen other converters so mp4-mp3 should be findable. Free, but good enough that I gave up and donated....!

I tried doing all of this with my dropbox and it was a no-go. So I've resorted to linking to SoundCloud. But I notice that some SoundCloud links to songs (and some YouTube links as well for other FAWMers) appear as a little box on the song page, while other links bump me over to SoundCloud or YouTube.
Not too big an issue, but when I'm listening to SoundCloud songs that are on their site, I get the playback interrupted by their commercials which is a bummer.
I haven't noticed the commercials for the songs that appear in the inset box on this site.

Can someone explain what I am running into and how to work with it?