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I don't recall anyone starting a thread like this lately so here goes. I paint once a week or more in a face-to-face and online painting class. For a couple of years I tried my hand at writing stories about my art and music. It inspired a lot of songs and a few more paintings. The writing part got stuck in slogging/editing mode and I was not enjoying it as much as songwriting or painting. Eventually I had to prioritize. Songwriting ended up as a number one hobby. Painting number two, and writing number three. While I did NaNoWriMo for the last three years, my writing is relegated to directly to support songwriting, like freewriting or idea generation during November NaNoWriMo for the parallel NaSoAlMo challenge. What other creative activities do you pursue besides songwriting?

Hi, I use to draw and paint a little too. Perhaps it is time for me to get back into those hobbies. Also, I enjoy photography. I take pride in my picture shooting because I get shots the average person misses. That said, music and audio have always been my number one hobby. Nice thread you started. Maybe I can post pictures in here later.

I used to paint allot... oils... not so much anymore. I've tried to write. I get a good overview, yet never get down to the nuts and bolts. Is gardening creative? I do allot of that. For me, it's like painting(?) Smile

@jcollins Cool art & photo info! I post a few photos on instagram, most taken with the phone. We have a Nikon that works as point & shoot, mainly using the zoom lens for occasional bird or backyard photos. @nutation I use acrylics and occasionally water soluble oils, I don't want to mess with turpentine. If gardening is creative for you then it is Smile Most plants are indeed a work of art. My wife and I have planted a lot of bird and butterfly attractant native plants and have a few bird feeders. For me that is more of a source of inspiration and a way to refill the well.

@nutation - Gardening, to me, is certainly creative! I consider my yard a work of art always in progress. And I spent a lot of time there today - might be the last truly spring-like day in Florida for a while.
I've worked as a writer/journalist and taught writing (high school journalism and creative writing), but these days I just can't make myself consistently write the way I consistently practice music.
A few weeks ago, I found some poems I wrote back when I taught creative writing. There might be some 50/90 ideas in those poems somewhere.

I wrote a bit once upon a time. I haven't painted since h.s. (and being just a bit color blind never helped the confidence much.) I do some small time photography and it isn't what I call being an artist, but I do submit songfight album art fairly regularly. Which involves manipulation rather than creation more often than not. Design work at best.

The more I think of it, the more I'm a songwriting (only) fool.

@AndyGetch, once I went DSLR there is no turning back for me. Yes, I still take pictures with my phone (point and shoot) but I realize I was only taking average pictures. Now with my zoom lens, I can focus on my subject and use the natural lens blur (forgot the correct word for this). Sometimes I get fabulous pictures. One thing for sure is anytime I do a picture shoot I always come out with at least a few good ones.

My painting was with water colors. The teacher thought that would be a good start for me. To my surprise, they don't look watered down, and are full of color. So when I get back into drawing, and painting, my painting will be watercolors. Oil is a little more than I can handle, I think. I hate acrylics so it's either water colors or oil for me. Sadly, my paintings are all gone now. I mostly painted animals and we had them hung on the wall...looked good. But that was years ago and they "disapeared".

I self-describe as a mad artist, but my medium is a wordy one.

I think I actually enjoy writing stories more than songs, but my output is much better when it comes to songs than stories.

I'm known to sing improvised songs to help me get focus for stories.

My end-goal is to take an hour, and to either produce a moderately functional song or a moderately functional story.

I like writing, knitting and crocheting. I also sometimes make music videos which for me is a big deal. I'm not a visual person, so to map out a video and get it shot in a day is a challenge.

I'm not really that creative, but I have done and served as an ML for NaNoWriMo for a number of years now. Still waffling on whether or not to continue with it. Also have done a little computer programming for fun as a creative outlet, but I'm so out of that now it's not funny. Music and family are my big personal outlets, I think.

@tcelliott I'm focusing more on writing, but use the different channels other hobbies provide to get to creative ideas. @jcollins I do have a camera with 300x zoom, which is great for taking pictures of birds, most of the time the phone is with me (while camera is not) and used for ooooh-look-at-that pictures. @yam655 Mad and Wordy. Sounds like a song/story title. I did freewriting and some dialogue, but mostly freewriting to get the wordcount, to help generate ideas and dive deeper for my song arc last 50/90 and NaNoWriMo. @katpiercemusic Your videos are super fun! @metalfoot Are too! I'm debating on whether to write for wordcount again, so I am also waffling on NaNo :/

You all are such fun to be around Smile

@AndyGetch, it's an evolving process for me. I'm working on trying to take what helps me succeed at songwriting and employing it in my story writing. This past April, I wrote a dozen short stories based upon my songs.

I may have talked myself out of novel writing, as such, in favor of a more lightly coupled approach. It's like the difference between a 40 minute themed album of independent tracks and an 40 minute album where all tracks segue and the whole could be seen as an operetta. They both contain songs, but one is linked together differently... and yet they're both far more like each other than either of them are like a single, cohesive 40 minute song.

What I want to write isn't a collection of short stories, but it is closer to a collection of short stories than a single cohesive novel.