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I realized yesterday that I never printed off most of my 2017 5090 lyrics. I thought I had saved them all into a Word Doc, but I can't find it.
Are they still archived, or gone forever?

Last years' archive is here:

There are archives for previous years, too.


Thanks! You saved me hours of creative re-working!

Also, 2015 does not seem to work. No matter what you click it stays on the home page.

@Eric Distad maybe can help?

The 2015 archive site is working for me to visit songs, etc... but I'm currently not logged in. There might be a redirection bug for a logged in user - I can check it out. In the meantime, try clearing browser cache and then browsing the users/songs without logging in and see if you can see everything.

Thanks so much. I went through all the 2017 songs and copied them. Good to see 2016 and 2015. I have them all in notebooks, and CD [demos], but it's nice to know there's backup. Now I need to write some songs so my 2018 archive contains something Smile

@Eric Distad yeah, it works when you are logged out (of the 2018 site) but the other archives seem to work regardless of whether or not you are logged in.