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Here's the thread where we all get to apologize for something!!

Hey, folks, I feel like I've had to slack off a bit here this summer.

If you've left me a song Comment or a note on my Soundboard and I haven't replied or I've promised you a Collab and haven't followed through I apologize.

I've had a pretty busy summer this year; some major things have been taking up my time (I got married and my father died, to name but two events).

So I haven't forgotten about you, I'm not rude, I am just waaay distracted. Sorry about that.

FAWM should be rockin' for me, though!

congratulations and condolences. (you can have that title for when you get to step back from it all) I too apologise for being quite absent and slacking, also been quite busy but without the momentous life events. love to you Fuzzy.

No need to apologise, Fuzzy, you've had a lot going on. People have to have a life! Sorry for your loss, but also congratulations on your wedding x

Wow @Fuzzy just one thing? I guess its that I don't say thank you often enough to all the energy people put into this community, from the mods who build it, keep this thing running and keep out the spammers. Also to all the songwriters who take time out of their effort to write 50 in 90 to listen to and comment on my song posts. A second thing for me to apologize for is for not reading/listening deeply enough, often enough, and for not commenting in more depth.

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My engagement this year has been pretty slim. I don't know what's going on with me, but I sort of lost my oomph. I don't know that anyone is really hanging on a presentation my lyrics, but I do feel rather awful that I haven't done a lot of listening and commenting this year. I do want to apologize for that.

@Fuzzy, it's good to hear from you! Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage. I'm sorry about your father.

I have to apologize for basically disappearing for the month of August. Multiple distractions - mostly happy ones - have kept me otherwise engaged. I'm jumping back in now and hope to do much more listening and commenting - and some more songwriting - before we all have to get out of the pool on October 1.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to as many songs to comment on as I would like. And I'm sorry that once we get past Labour Day I'm going to have to scale back my 50/90 activity as 'real life' overtakes me again!

I'm sorry about everything from falling bridges to falling arches. :/

I'm like a week behind replying to comments and making new comments - too many work and social things lately. Just trying to drag my ass across the finish line. But I'll catch up, and really appreciate those who comment despite my lack of reciprocation for the minute!

I'm well over a month behind in comments, and feel very lame this year. I retired so thought I'd have no trouble, but I retired because my hubby needs me to take a more active "helpmate" role due to his illness. Time and energy is slimmer than when I was working! I still want to push forward as I can and at least respond to those that have commented for me. I have a few lyric I'll post without music before the end bell rings. I had best intentions of devoting much more time here for my own sanity. Sadly best intentions don't always have the result I dream of. I miss playing with you all!


I'm very sorry to say that I'm declaring comment bankruptcy. I'm very grateful to everyone who has commented on my songs this year, particularly @Acousticmaddie, @kahlo2013 and @musicsongwriter. But I haven't been listening or commenting at all - the summer has been so busy it was all I could do to get to 50 songs. And now I'm about 200 comments behind, which is shocking, but there's no way I can make it up in the next few weeks when it counts, as I have a bunch of life stuff to attend to that I've been ignoring during 50/90. So, many apologies, please forgive me, and thank you all once again.

Hey no need to apologize.And besides our collabs where absolutely fantastic
Have a great autumn and hope to see you in february @hazeyjohnii

I second Maddie's reply. Your collaboration was very special for us. As for the comments, it's just my take on it but I don't ever expect a comment for a comment. I don't always have the chance to do it anyway so when I comment I'm just glad I can put my thought in words. I also treasure every comment I receive in the hope that it wasn't "having to do" comment but my music/lyric/collaboration was of inspiration to write something about. Thank you for all the comments you so kindly given me Johny!