Apology from a 50/90 Dropout

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I have received so much inspiration and support from this community in the past few months! I have not given back nearly enough to the rest of you, for which I deeply apologize. Various events knocked me off track, and I haven't had enough creative or emotional energy to get back in the groove.

Congratulations to all of you. You are amazing. I am grateful.

No need to apologize. We all have our ebbs and flows as life permits. Glad you are part of the community!

Echo!!!! Terrific supportive community!

This is actually a reason why I thinking of not participating in either FAWM or 5090 next year, but instead just being there when I have time to listen, read, and comment. I'd still partipate writing and recording-wise, but just post nothing up!

I too have felt like I should apologise for not responding to every song comment I've received.

[deleted double post]

I dropped out this year, which is unsurprising because I had produced nary a song in two previous 50/90s I'd signed up for. Not so when FAWM comes around, when my feeling of anticipation turns into a surge of creative energy that combines with everyone else's to productive effect.

HOWEVER, in the final weeks of September this time, I dropped back in; the fires finally did light; and I produced a song and a lyric--thin gruel compared to the 50/90 but significant to me. I now have a better feel for the pace of 50/90, both in the commenting piece but also the writing piece. It's more chill compared to FAWM. But the same songwriting tools and games and many cool, familiar people. I'll be back next summer.

@marvsmooth - I've had a similar thought about focusing on commenting and not creating as much music myself. I don't think I could do all comments and no songs, though.
A while back I had the idea to maybe do a song a week for both FAWM and 50/90. I'd work on something to do with the songs almost every day, though. I've proven to myself I can write a bunch of songs quickly - maybe it's time to try something different.
As for dropping out - I dropped out and back in three different times. Can't do that with FAWM.

@Chip Withrow - I'm not thinking of giving up writing and recording, but rather just not posting up my results...

An alternative is to write and record rough live demos, and then once a week pick one or two to expand on and post up?

Another alternative is what Louise just suggested - writing, recording and posting up for 60 days, and then just listening and commenting for thirty days?

@marvsmooth, why would you not post if you are writing?

@johnstaples - I just feel beholden to comment in return to others commenting on my songs, and don't seem to find the time or space.

@marvsmooth when you post a song just add a note that you won't have much/any time for commenting. That way you can still participate and if someone chooses to comment they know the score! Or you could post but keep them locked.

In any event, I (and others, I'm sure)'d be interested in hearing the fruits of your labour, Mr. Smooth.

Thank you Sir Wordsmith of Grammarton. Smile