Apollo Challenge - 50 years ago today we landed on the moon - Write a Song About it Today!

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Apollo Challenge

50 years ago today we landed on the moon

Write a Song About it Today!

Tag it #Apollo

I started on something, not sure when I'll finish, but I like the topic, John.

Awesome idea. Smile

Finished sooner than I thought:

john, its 50 years ago tomorrow, not today Smile (it happened on July 20)

and i was going to re-work an old song I did in 1999, if anyone remembers, that's the week that was both the 30th anniversary of the moon landing, and the same week that JFK Jr was killed while piloting a small plane. stay tuned, I'll probably post 'something'

anyone else who was alive then who has memories of watching it on tv? i was 9 and remember watching on a little black and white tv, then running outside and looking at the actual moon- what a wild thing to live thru!

@mike skliar it was a test to see if anyone was paying attention. congratulations!

A serious song about the moon landing?
I don't think so.

Here's my contribution; "Neil Armstrong Pees His Pants".


Even murkier! In Australia it was actually 21st. As i am sure many would know the pictures from that day were actually transmitted from Parkes in Australia. Armstrong decided to walk early and therefore it was the Australian station that was on line. The dish as it is called is very famous here! Ive been to see it a few times (its worth a google it is very impressive).

Ive written the lyrics but its early morning so i will save them and write music later today and post! Great idea @johnstaples

Thank you for your idea John. Here is my instrumental: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37799

Hi ho silver! This is a great idea, John. I did mine and since there was no time limit did it just under three hours. It's still today, right?

It's called My Apollo and it's not a space shuttle but a space shuffle:


It's now four a.m. in Helsinki so I'll listen and comment your songs later today.

And the landing was on the 20th but the first steps on the moon were on the 21st! But I still did the challenge today!

Ah, my mourning-morning-news, 1min write, right, rite!


Here's mine,


It is a tragic love story with moon walking as the backdrop!