Anyone taking a break, then continuing?

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I've been producing songs at a pace of better than one a day, and by the time I leave Friday for a 9-day trip to see my Ohio family, I'll have 23 demos posted.
I may do lyrics in Ohio, but I'm not bringing anything to record with other than my phone, and no instruments. It will be the longest break from making music I've taken during a 50/90 since swine flu cut short my first 50/90 in September of 2009.
I've read other forum posts by people who believe one of the nice things about 50/90 compared to FAWM is the three-month period allows for time off and then a return. Anyone else plan on taking a break and then coming back, perhaps re-charged? Even if I weren't traveling, I can see the benefit of taking a week off to catch up on commenting. But if I were at home, my songwriting impulse would be in such high gear (and my instruments so close by) that it would be hard to stop.

I took a few days when I went to Bar Harbor and then took another unplanned week (and still counting) for plague. I'm still writing, but I've fallen behind my planned pace. S'okay. I'll probably take another break when I visit family in Buffalo and possibly if my brother comes to visit here. But this year my plan is to actually make 50 which means getting pretty darn close by the end of August. I'll still write when school starts up, just much slower. Actually, sometimes my best writing is when I spend long stretches on the road alone, so the trip to Buffalo might be quite productive!

I've adopted the attitude that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and knowing my ability to obsess and get lost in projects, I'm managing my writing time, and making sure I spend equal time away from the music. I'm finding a more balanced approach is working for me. Smile Have a great vacay!

Hell no, my addiction is too much Wink But in all seriousness, I did have a bit of a break a week or so ago as I was too unwell to write.... does that count ? Smile

I take breaks all the time. Sometimes, that's procrastination, or self-doubt, or just the need to have a mental break... or do other stuff life demands. Anyhoo, even if on holidays I can scribble ideas for lyrics and I usually have my guitar so can write up a few songs even if I can't record.

The first two weeks have been intense - and rewarding - for me this year. Feeling little bit tired so I took a three day break. I'll try to get back to it starting Thursday. I don't think anyone noticed though. Smile

I'm out of town the rest of the week for my daughter's softball addiction. She starts hs softball in late August so I'll be gone for shorter periods then. I'll be back next week though. Just checking in these days.

I had took a day off from writing my songs because work called me in that day and I had to close. I suppose that counts. Though I try to write songs even if I'm not at home or I'm without my guitar. I wrote one song at home but finished it at work during break. Smile

a day or two here and there, yes

We have company this week so by necessity I've scaled back a little. I've noticed the pace of commenting and adding songs overall has really flagged here in the last few days. And now... with a death in the family... I think I've lost my will to music for now. *sigh*

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I went camping for a bit, thought I'd write there, but didn't have time (go figure) and just haven't caught back up in the swing of things again since getting back.

I often travel in August for various conferences so don't get much done there. I used to try to put up my 50 before all that started and then expected I'd take a break and come back in September and do more. The reality has been (at least in previous years) I didn't do much if anything after my month of travels.

This year I'm not particularly motivated so am just putting up songs if/when I complete something I like well enough. Since my pace is so slow this year, I imagine I will be writing some in September this year. Of course, I really have no # goal this year so that helps keep the stresses of keeping up IOT get the trophy less important.

Not intentionally taking a break; it just happened that way...

I knew coming in that July would mostly be a washout. My 50/90 comeback this year will start about August 3...if at all.

I showed up 30 days late...hadn't planned to be here this year because every year I drop promising lyrics but have ZERO potential to turn them to songs and I feel like I let all the people here that I adore down and I let myself down and it sucks to be reminded every year of how I continually fail to turn my lyrics into actual songs.

I wish I could "take a break" and I had something to actually "take a break" from, as opposed to just completely failing and having zero drive to even try anymore Sad

yeah, ... I started out with a few songs in the first two or three days, then have been going much slower.. for about two weeks (during which time I had relatives in town visiting, too) I didn't do much here.... in the last few days i've done a few more, many but not all of them topical/politica things just cause that's whats in the air. I have a few things "rough drafted" as of now, and will probably post over the weekend, but this has been probably my least active 5090 in a while... there is, I'll admit, a certain burnout after a while. But that being said, still on the lookout for that muse to give something really special once in a while...

To do 50 songs in three months is a real big challenge for me, because I'm not the type of guy who comes naturally to writing lyrics (regardless of them being German or English), just grab my guitar and sing along. I'm more in "making music", experimenting with different sounds, instruments, moods and musical styles. It's really an adventure! Mostly this music-making comes easy to me and I could do one song after another without a break. This is the case when I'm not too involved in the song. But from time to time a song grabs my whole attention after doing it. Suddenly there's something that seems to be bigger as the sum of its parts. A kind of magic. Something that was buried deep within my soul has come to life and I bewilderedly hold my youngest "baby" in my arms. It's impossible to do the next song then. It takes some time to handle my impressions and feelings to be free again to create my new "brainchild".

So I gave up the hope to get 50 songs - it's too much to bear for me! All that music needs different time and space. So I reduced my music-making to have more time for the other things in life: doing the household, writing job applications, having some time with my friends.

...and yes, I'll have a one-week break to visit the Austrian alps with my girlfriend!

(Sorry for my bad English, but I hope you can understand what I tried to say!)

I have seen this over and over again in 5090. Come August only a handful will make a serious run at 50 songs. Sadly, the rest will give it a rest. I know I haven't been listening and commenting. It's not personal I just haven't felt like "songwriting" this year. It's not my way to be just a cheerleader. If I could get into playing (I've good) I could get into listening too. Maybe I'll try harder...I don't know. But I get the NiftyFifty feed and when I feel better I will download some of those and put in some more comments. Some of the stuff I've heard was really good.

I've never thought I must keep to a schedule and keep on working until I make 50 - or more! However many I make is great! I went the whole past week since the Sunday skirmish without working on anything until yesterday evening.

I'll be taking a break, going to the mountains in Serbia for a week of hiking and meditation... no internet and no musical instruments afaik, but I'll be taking my lyric book with me and hopefully write some stuff that I can use later. Definitey continuing after (: Even if I don't manage 50 this year, just trying and finishing songs is worth a lot to me

Little late, I guess, but I've been on "break" since August 4 since my brother flew in. We hadn't really spoken or visited in almost 30 years. He's here through the 22nd, so I"ll be scarce until then. I'm having a really great time! Smile