Anyone perform your songs yet? Planning to?

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I've performed 3 of mine at our local Saturday morning outdoor market. And I posted the live recordings as my demos here. I'll probably do that at least once more this 50/90.
I tried to do one of my new kirtan/yoga/mantra songs as a sing-along at the yoga studio my wife and I co-own, but I kept messing up the chant! So I recorded it later at home. I used to perform more regularly, both at kids music events - family festivals, libraries, schools - and the occasional bar/coffeehouse. But now I have the market and studio. where I can choose to play whenever I want.
Of the 27 songs I've done so far this 50/90, at least four are ones I'm likely to perform. But I try to write most of my songs with the idea that I should be able to do them on guitar/vocal.
Anyone else performing your songs yet, or planning to soon?

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I played three songs from last 5090 and this years FAWM at a street festivity last month. Quite an experience playing solo since my "normal" live appearance is being the bassplayer in a six piece instrumental band.

Im lucky to have a residency and play 2 hrs on. Saturday. I get to try lots out ! I played 5 FAWM songs And 5 50/90 songs yesterday. A few of Fawms recorded by others And 1 50/90 already underway.

I'm performing at least two of my 50/90 songs at an SCA bardic competition next weekend (medieval and renaissance reinactment) ...and hope to have videos to upload for the demos for them.

How do you-all determine what's a keeper, performer?

I just did Parseltongue at an open mic. I was tempted to sing the Pheasant Plucker song, but I was a little brain foggy and mistakes in that song get rude.

Good question, @ustaknow. But a tough one to answer!
After all these years of 5090ing and FAWMing (since 2008), I have maybe 5-10 long-term keepers. But occasionally I'll go back into my archives and pull out a song that I maybe even forgot about, and I'll think, "Hey, that's good enough to perform!" So I'll do it for a couple of weeks, and then I'll get interested in playing something else.
I'd really rather play covers than my own songs. There was a time when I was playing a lot for kids and families, and I'd do three originals to every one cover. Now, if I do 18-20 songs at my monthly Saturday morning gig, I might do two originals.
When I play at our yoga studio, I might do half and half originals and covers. Some of my yoga originals are Sanskrit mantras I've set to music.
A keeper has to be easy to sing while I'm playing guitar, and it has to be something I've memorized - I don't like to be reading off a lyric sheet when I'm performing.

Lessee: Raining on the dog and me, went down a storm, likewise Trams that Can't Turn Right. Byron Bay, live loopign CBG, well that was good for clearign the crowd, sigh. And always some long-standing FAWM songs. Three gigs so far since I was able to start 5090. Ref. @ustaknow re what's a keeper/perfomer. That's something I like and the crowd likes too. Our tastes aren't always in sync.

Here in the DC area we have a FAWM-themed open mic this Friday. I might do one I wrote this summer, and others from previous FAWM / 50/90 efforts. We're talking a 2-3 songs here.

My band is working up A Rose with No Thorn. I sang them the melody, and we're putting it into shape for fall gigs.

My band has started working on 3 (soon to be 4) of the songs and one of the other ones is a contender for my other band.