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For almost every song I write, my intention is to be able to perform it solo on guitar and vocal. That doesn't mean every song gets performed - for example, of my 29 FAWM songs, I've played 4 of them for an audience. So far this 50/90, I've performed one - it's my wife's birthday song, and I played it at the yoga class she taught and I provided music for on her birthday.
I intended to play one yesterday at the market where @AndyGetch and I provide the music, but instead I met a banjo picker and wound up doing six songs with him.
Who else here performs your songs, or intends to?

I usually do. Yesterday at the market I played this @Chip Withrow

I usually perform them with my band, Very few of them tend to make it though (but most of our band's material is stuff I write during these periods). Of the 33 songs I wrote for the last 50/90, we've done 4.

Here's a video of us playing one from last year:

I hope to get a few keepers out of each event and I usually do. Sometimes I just go through the motions to clear something from the list or for a skirmish. My hope is to have songs that I can perform. Many of the songs I perform and have recorded have come from fawm and 5090, sometimes with a cowriter.

I will perform some for family & close friends...

Performing for family and friends is to me more challenging than performing for an audience (and my audiences are usually quite small). I'm uncomfortable when friends ask me to play one of my songs for them - although I do occasionally like to play one during a song swap and not tell it's mine until it's over.
I'll sometimes but not often play a new one for my wife or my daughter. But I did play my wife's birthday song for her and a group of about 20 yoga students.
I don't do it, but I have friends who do live performances online. I have posted video of me playing at home, and I like when FAWMers and 5090ers use those kinds of videos to share their new songs.

I am putting a band together at the moment ( me, drummer and bass right now) there are plans to do my stuff eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Some of my FAWM 2016 songs have been performed live by my co-writers at gigs. But as I can't sing obviously not by me.

I did my 99 song at an open mic last night. I was a little rough going as I didn't get much time to practice, but it was a listening room, so it's a good place gauge reactions and get a sense for how things need to be changed.

My intention when starting FAWM in 2015 was to get at least some material done that would suit my band and I've had this mindset in subsequent challenges as well, though in those I didn't fare so well. So far we've managed to take a song, rewrite half of it and still be not pleased with the outcome. But we're picky. Or rather, the other guys are, and I'm picky about them modifying my stuff.

I've done quite a few, probably 7 or 8 from this FAWM. Some I will never touch again. Beee

I presented a dramatic reading of three of my lyrics at an open-mic night at Edinburgh last year, following the suggestion of @Calum Carlyle. Long story short, it now serves as all the evidence I will ever need that poetry and unsung lyrics are not one and the same.

The crowd did enjoy The Worst Fairytale Ever, though. Once they all pulled out their smartphones and looked up what a Manticore was.

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Mm.. seems I'm not alone. I write much more than I ever perform.. and I used to write stuff that was far more complex than I could ever hope to replicate live. Now I'm writing spoken word stuff over repeating beats and thinking that this might be the answer to more gigs.. (except perhaps its not really everyone's cup of tea) .. as a) I can speak much better than I can sing , and b) I don't need a band with me.. However I'm also really open to getting my stuff performed by others.. I'm starting to check out "classical" ensembles etc that are open to music from across other genres and think that during the rest of 5090 might be considering performance options as a big factor in what I write.

I did my love song to Bob Ross last night at an open mic. It went over pretty well. I might polish that one and keep it.

I did my "If I Think" song at a little concert hall owned by 2 of my cousins for an audience of 3 (LOL) following my grandpa's funeral on Tuesday... just to test out the acoustics. My cousin (who co-owns the hall) was surprised I had written it. He liked it!

@Stephen Wordsmith No fairytale is complete without a Manticore, everyone knows that....

I performed "Clouds" at a recent gig and used my Loopstation so I could solo over the chords. A few of my FAWM songs are being performed too.

I have performed most of my 50/90 songs already, two of them I haven't yet, but will. I don't have them as well practiced either and sort of had a flub, but
they are doing well and am looking forward to presenting one at my songwriting meeting in August. I love always having new songs to sing at open mics!

Last night, I performed "Magic ATM" and a song I wrote at the beginning of June at an open mic. I survived! My fingers turned to jelly and I was shaking like a leaf, but I made it through my set and received several compliments. Two more open mic events before October 1 to meet my personal challenge!

I learned something very valuable last night. Make sure you've practiced your piece A LOT before taking it public. I'm glad I didn't try performing something with lots of tricky fingerings I hadn't mastered. Exude confidence so that the audience can relax. Then you'll be more relaxed and play better. My second piece went much better than my first.

Since the last time I wrote in this thread, I've started a new band with a couple of buddies and written one song specifically for said band (and of course posted it here). I have a feeling I'll have more of those under my belt before the challenge is over.

I performed one the other day (second one this 50/90), and I posted the live recording as my demo:

I played it at the beginning and end of a yoga class I taught a few days ago. I have another one that I'll record at a class I teach this weekend.
These songs are repeated chants with very, very few words. I don't like to play a song until I have the words memorized, or at least mostly memorized so it doesn't appear as if I'm reading/singing off a lyric sheet.

I played two of my songs from the current 50/90 batch (plus a cover song) at an open mic last night.

I didn't get a recording, but I did snap a pic of the signup list.

I was honored to perform my "People of the Pepper" to open our Pepper Festival. I have the link to YouTube in the liner notes now.

Or you can go here:

It meant a lot to me to be asked! I love our village festival!!

Great video, Darci! They loved you!!
Cute hi-tops on the 2016 Royalty, too!

So far, I've performed 6 of my 60 songs, and I just found another couple that I want to perform (I'd actually forgotten about them, which happens to me quite a bit).
Plus I'm going to do some mixing of my instrumental demos and make a playlist of them for the yoga classes I teach.

a have played three at the acoustic flow where @Chip Withrow also plays/teaches, one of those at SummerSongs East and a public ACMA singer-songwriter circle showcase. Also played another four at the greenmarket. Some of those and a couple more live streaming on and about five more at the local singer-songwriter circle. Roughly 15 and counting performed from this 5090 so far.

just got and uploaded a video of me and then 'seth and skliar' (the duo im part of sometimes) doing a bunch of songs- from a few weeks ago.. including a few 5090 and fawm songs..