Anyone Participating in Rocktober This Year?

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@jcollins Hi Jerry!

I'd be delighted and honored to have you cover one of my songs! Cannot wait to hear it!


@mike skliar Hard Day's Night is such an exuberant album - I've started on "You Can't Do That"!

Corinne- just listening to your version of 'you can't do that'-- great stuff! and yeah, its a fun album, you're actually giving me a little bit of motivation (which I need) to cover something from that album as well.
anyone else interested as well?

Dibs on "I'll Cry Instead". Smile

Count me in for some Beatles fun! Not sure which song yet.

If anyone's planning on doing the title song off "A Hard Day's Night", they may want to listen to this video for some guidance on that infamous opening chord:

OK. I'm in for Rocktober. Have 3 songs in mind to do, anyway. One is a cover of a track rharbron and shroomazoom of FAWM did for FAWM 2015. One is a Beatles track. One is a song by a group called The Choir.

I've got a few songs in the works for Rocktober - Cry Baby, Bobby McGee, You shook me (a lovely soulful cocktail version) and couple others. My challenge is time. I have 5 hours right now to do whatever I want to do, and recording just isn't one of them....Sleep is actually the first thing on the list. I hope I get around to it, but life just happens.... Smile

"Sleep is for the weak." But I am in the same boat.

Well, had a bit of a set back. Will be unable to play for awhile. FAWM 2017 though better watch out! Gonna kick ass and take names!

It's all very lonely here in the burning embers of rocktober

Edit: NM - Wrong thread, mostly.

Yeah, Rocktober barely happened this year. Sad

I apologize that I didn't get around to this....but I am currently in a production/promotion phase right now. I hope to get over and listen to all your great stuff soon. Smile

Did one track (Lucretia, My Reflection), but the lack of activity in 50/90 seems to have carried across into Rocktober which is discouraging. I've also fallen into the bad habit of noodling about with synth plug-ins instead of writing songs. Usually that eventually results in a bunch of new songs, but it's not happened yet.

I think it's a bit of a 'critical mass' thing- in past years i did do Rocktober, but its been having less and less activity, and that lack of activity, especially this year, killed at least some of my motivation.. There are some great people who still do it, of course, and congrats to them for keeping it alive! Sadly, a few of the key people for me who used to participate have been absent or sidelined, sometimes tragically so- anyone else remember RC's creative and wonderful covers of Beatles and much more? (RC (randy christopher) died a year or two back, for those who don't know) Others have been sidelined by illness, or just lost interest, etc. Probably in a more ideal world I would have participated this year, but it wasn't a great month for me to spend alot of time doing it in any event- maybe next year will be different.

I know I've had all month, but I've JUST NOW posted an entry, now I have to go home and record it. Smile

Okay, the entry was made 10/31, mp3 uploaded yesterday morning, now it's patiently waiting for a comment!