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I know it is a little early to start talking about Rocktober because we are not even to the 50/90 halfway point yet! Smile But some people might not know about Rocktober yet! According to the Rocktober site,

"Rocktober is a month long experiment in recording new versions of songs - either songs by established artists or (much preferably) by other FAWM/5090 Participants. This month is for looking at old songs in new ways, working on new recording techniques, playing with new styles, and generally having a lot of fun."

So mark your calendars cause when we finish 50/90 it is time to start Rocktober!

Main site:

My profile (in case you wanna see any examples, make fun of me, etc.):

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This is the first I've heard about Rocktober. I did follow your profile link and listened to a few familiar titles. Do you have to have some sort of license to record new versions of published songs? It seems like it could be fun as a writer to hear different versions of songs I've written (FAWM/5090), but I'm also curious how this works if you want to do a song by other established artists--not a domain I'm familiar with yet.

@kc5, covering other FAWMers songs should be no issue and I think, because we are doing it strictly as a challenge for entertainment purposes, there is no real issue with covering whatever songs you wish! Also, I went 3 miles over the speed limit on the way home today and have absolutely no intention of turning myself in! Biggrin

In the past, I had a concern with posting cover songs on file hosting sites that asked for confirmation that I owned the copyright (which I didn't). In reality, only a few will listen to it and it is just for fun. Now that I use Dropbox, its not a public or searchable link for the hosting service, so that is no longer an issue for me. I will probably do a few live recordings from gigs or maybe one-take recordings from a practice session, but may still focus on covers of friends songs (with their permission to record) that I love to play.

So, that's an ongoing, persistent link/site, or rolls over each year, etc? So, if sign up now, is to early and redo when the new link exists? Or, sign up now, there, is OK?

Yes, of course I'm doing Rocktober!

I quite fancy having a go this year. Smile

I'm going to state the obvious concern here for first year FiNiers and others too. Covering (= recording and releasing publicly ) songs that have been written and recorded by established artists - and doing it without permission of copyright owners sounds a bit iffy to me.

However if you cover a song from Fawm or 50/90 Challenge and ask permission first, it is perfectly legal and can't lead to any legal consequences ( fines, closing of the site etc. ). It also sounds like a great way to give encouragement to a fellow songwriter.

I think I'll try a few things. I fancy recording some lo-fi covers on the four-track.

As Andy said, "only a few will listen to it and it is just for fun". I don't think there's any point worrying about the legality of it. Nobody makes (or loses) any money from any of it.

I think the song I have in mind to cover is out of copyright anyway... I can't imagine Henry VIII's estate coming knocking on my door... Wink

There must be some 'get out of jail free' clause for these small group entertainment only covers (of the big artists songs I mean, not each others), because there are very well know and well used sites doing it, and not being closed down.
I can think of one where singers cover very well known tracks and share with each other, and create duets etc., and comment/encourage each other. Can't remember the name of (hate illness sometimes) the site, but it will come to me.

Also, not sure how I'll do it, but I would also love to take part in Rocktober. I'll have to be inventive !!!!

Registering/signing in - do we use our FAWM and/or 50/90 usernames and passwords ? Or do we need to create a new account ?

I didn't do it last year. But in previous years I've contributed a Beatles cover (a bunch of us covered the Let It Be album and I did "I've Got a Feeling), a Dylan cover ("You Ain't Going Nowhere" from Basement Tapes), a couple of covers of 5090ers' songs (one by @AndyGetch, one by @tcelliott), and a bunch of Grateful Dead covers.
The Grateful Dead actually encourages creative covers through a YouTube contest each February. But I've never entered it because making a good video is too much work for me.
I'll probably do it this year!

I always do, so sure! Smile It's been fun for me to learn songs I've always liked, but never played before! That's what I sometimes do during Rocktober

I think you will need to set up a new account. The site is managed by 50/90 folks I believe but it is separate.

To anyone concerned about legal stuff as several have said, it is very informal, only for fun, no money is made or lost, very few participants so very little publicity/attention beyond our small group and it has been going on for quite some time with no issues. If you still have any concerns maybe this is not a good thing for you! Smile

Signed up

I dunno, @johnstaples, two years ago I covered "Blitzkrieg Bop" on the ukulele, and later that night Johnny Ramone kicked in my door and threatened me with a knife.
If you don't have permission to cover a song you take your life in your hands.
Just sayin'.

fuzzy- I hear ya- that Johnny Ramone is quite a character, kicking in people's doors two years ago... after he died in that's what i call punk! Smile
seriously, tho, yeah, Roctober is great fun- and in past years a bunch of us have collectively covered a Beatles album as part (but not all) of the challenge- in past years, we've done, I think...... help, rubber soul, revolver, let it be, and the white album. I could be wrong but I don't think we've ever done sgt pepper, magical mystery tour, hard days night, with the beatles, beatles for sale, please please me or abbey road ...but i could be wrong..

For sure; I want to see if I can manage better than 3 this year. No idea what I'll record yet, but the plotting has begun...

LOL! @Fuzzy least you got to meet zombie JR!

I am planning at least 3 covers. Looking forward to a full bill of FAWMERS!

I think I am gonna do bluegrass versions of a couple of Marc Bolan/T.Rex songs!

i'll likely listen and comment, but won't be set up to record this year, as far as i can tell. not sure when i'll get the crates together in the basement, but i hope it's before FAWM.

I generally plan on doing Rocktober, then don't do much when it comes. Maybe this year will be different.

Initially I said yes, but several things have come up musically that will require my time, I'm gonna try - but I can't let myself get absorbed in it. Smile

I might go 80s pop. Haven't decided yet.

*bump* cos it's October now!!

Logged in - is the forum link supposed to lead back to 50/90? Also, Love the catalog, full of prescription ads Smile Will check back tomorrow to see if there's anything going on there. Smile

Yes, Rocktober shares the 50/90 forum.

I see our pharmaceutical friends are participating...(sigh)

And upon re-reading my post up there, I sound very catty, and I don't mean to. Apologies if I sounded rude. Smile

[@brrrse], I'm sorry, I didn't realize there were posts after Fuzzy's bump. Sorry for stating what you'd already pointed out. I saw Fuzzy's name was still the last to post and didn't check the thread again.

But the main thing is, Rocktober!!! Even if it's just for one or two, I always enjoy the different aspects of creativity required, and usually learn something by having to stretch.

Yeah, I'm excited, but not really sure how it goes Smile heh....meanwhile I'm composing in midi fun for me! I have an orchestra here Smile

I just took a look at the Rocktober site. Anyone know if it supports demos on Soundcloud, as 50/90 does? The New Song form makes it look like we'll have to link directly to an MP3, but I'd appreciate confirmation either way, so I'll know whether I need to look for another place to host my tracks.

Yes, Soundcloud URL's work over there too, Mel. I just verified by looking at Corinne's posts.

Thanks, @barbara!

I think I will do something for Rocktober this year.

I already have three covers posted over at Rocktober! You'll find them at the top of the songs list right before 3-1/2 pages of spammy drug sellers!

@johnstaples I won't be taking part in Rocktober myself, but thanks for the heads up! Smile

I skipped Rocktober last year as I came out of 50/90 with writing momentum. Not so this year - I seem to have no lyrics in me at the moment. That would appear to be a good reason to have a go at other people's songs. I think Prince and Bowie have both got to be on the list for covers this year.

@barbara Just deleted a bunch of songs I had on the Rocktober site from last year, as I had deleted them from Soundcloud. Running out of free space on there.
Yes, soundcloud posts work on the Rocktober site

For anyone with the least bit of concern about posting cover songs - I've been doing it for many years - haven't had one problem...yet Wink


You don't have to do Beatle songs, but some of us did some from a specific album in past years.

@corinne54 - I'm not sure which Beatles albums are left. Probably the early ones. Although, of the later ones, I don't think 'Abbey Road' has been tackled yet.

I'd vote for a pink floyd album but i'll likely not be participating enough to justify the suggestion this year. Well, hopefully. The kid starts district Softball next week so I'm hoping to be traveling across the state this month cheering on the Rock Bridge Bruins.

As i remember, we've never done these Beatle albums-- sgt pepper, magical mystery tour, hard days night, with the beatles, beatles for sale, please please me or abbey road...

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Do people collaborate on these songs or is it just one person doing a song posting. It sounds really fun, but I lack the instrument skill to accomplish something like this on my own. I'd need to collaborate with someone who plays instruments. Also, are they generally new arrangements/altered melodies or just different instruments and/ vocals?

@kc5 - you can cover a tune any way you'd like. I like em when they're really different from the original.
Also, can someone get rid of the spam??

@Fuzzy I did quick pass on the spam. I'll check in periodically and try to keep it clean.


@johnstaples Hi John, I left a message on your Rocktober song board about myself covering one of your songs, and is that ok? I did get in there and try to learn one of your songs. I made a demo and currently uploading to dropbox. The demo? lol...its a rough draft, and I did the best that I could in a short time. I've been inactive in 5090 and most of the entire year so long. Therefore, my weak cover demo was actually what I needed to try and come back. Drop me a note and I will release the track right away. All in fun, of course, as I don't care too much about being good in any of these challenges. I'm simply posting my request here as Rocktober seems to be missing something (details skipped). The track? It's ok, but not so good compared to the original. Maybe somebody would like it...I don't know and doesn't matter. Thanks John! Oh, and I love that song (its a secret for now) I covered...great stuff.