Anyone Doing Rocktober This Year?

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Anyone Doing Rocktober This Year?

Oh yes! I've some ideas for a few reggae ukulele covers.

I always manage at least 1, usually more Smile

I just heard of this now. So, we do cover songs for this? Seems alright.

Given that I've found it really difficult to write anything this year, I think doing Rocktober would be a good thing for me. A chance to concentrate on the recording process, without having to come up with the song ideas.

Yes, of course!!!

Maybe, probably not. I usually manage a cover or two, but I *may* focus on producing better quality versions of some of my songs.

Uninspired, but maybe.

When I was away on a yoga retreat a few weeks ago, I had this weird idea (maybe not so weird?) that I should do Grateful Dead covers on harmonium.
I did a Grateful Dead-themed Rocktober a few years ago. Nothing last October, though. I've covered a few 5090ers in the past - that was cool.
I'm in post-Hurricane Irma recovery mode now and living at a friend's house and teaching myself ukelele. Maybe some Rocktober uke covers are in my future. (In fact, I just recorded a few new originals on the uke - I'll post when I'm back at my house, hopefully in a few days.)

Maybe should do something in Rocktober though it's promising to be a overly full month. We shall see!

Hey @Chip Withrow, I think The Dead on harmonium would be fascinating.

I'm going to go through my 5090 songs, and revise everything. Then record decent versions if I can. Í didn't get into Rocktober the one time I tried it.

It sounds good to record covers in your own style, so maybe I can have a crack at it.

Is there a site where rocktober happens?

@petra777 there is:

I think it's a different login to 50/90 so you probably need to register again if you want to post anything.