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Are there seriously no 50/90ers from Mexico or Latin America? I think that's a real shame.

I find that interesting, too. A few years ago there was at least one 5090er from Argentina.
I've written a few songs in Spanish, and I live in southwest Florida, where it's very useful to know Spanish. I can speak some, but it would be cool to meet some speakers online with whom I could practice writing in forum threads.

Interesting, I don't get that either.

"Here" in NJ area... there seems to be a small niche that look to engage "music" but don't reach out. And that includes the prolific Praise and Worship crowd (sorry to offend anyone with my Christianity Smile ) ... anyway, -- that I was exposed to in that huge niche. They just got together and did it for their small group, --which I never understood.

(One time I was "somewhere" and asked to join, (somehow they knew I played), --but had no instrument or my music, which I do need to be prompted... just how I am...; I said, why didn't you guys let it be known, --anyone with a guitar/Instrument was welcome and etc. That wound up an interesting conversation... so much misunderstand we all have.)

Also, in my area,
-- there are a few, or at least one mariachi group that is prolific, truly "amazing", ... you can't ask for a song they don't know. They exist in a very small circle of small restaurants in my area, and show up one night a week for tips and I think "advertisement" for celebrations.

Recently, I noticed, and not sure about this, -- how, why, short-term one-off, my misunderstanding..., ... me as "white-guy" stopped getting good service at what was one of my favorite places to have lunch with my wife Sunday afternoons (and yes, I was a generous tipper, and cash at the Holidays as "extra", and etc.). The staff changed as well (but was noticeable prior), so can't say if an "owner" root issue or what it is. So, in my area, if they (and so many SA countries are represented in my area. --all of them?), really are sticking to their selves, maybe that's gonna show up in places like "here"?

-- Well, since it was brought up. AND, ironically, was on my mind in terms of our local shift (NJ is a significant "focus group" sampling) ... ... might as well get blunt, if is an important topic, -- well, how I see it.

Ummm I can't help but notice that there are certain...demographic patterns here at 50/90. Not seeing or hearing many (or any) African Americans or indeed Africans, Latinos or Asians. Not many songs in languages other than English. It'd be interesting to get more diversity. I think it's a question of how people come to know of 50/90 - possibly there are clusters of singer-songwriters who invite their friends etc. Maybe also a question of genre as perhaps producers of say, electronic music, K-pop, rap or RnB wouldn't consider themselves "songwriters" which is sort of the key target audience of 50/90.

I think that is an interesting consideration about demographic patterns and how folks come to do 5090.

I came from FAWM.

I went to FAWM from a *well run Songwriting Group on Facebook --hard to find, pending on how you define "well run". A user at that FBG happened to mention FAWM. I told one other person due to authentic seriousness concerning songwriting.

So, I also came over with that someone engaged from yet another songwriting group that became useless as all engage at that one as, -- one-off truly new starters who already thought they were great and into useless backslapping. Or, "hey, I'm a producer and I'll make you famous"... (and folks thinking it's real).

So, that's how I got "here".

As far as "songwriting", -- any time I've ever mentioned, "hey, let's write a song", I get a blank stair and etc. I've occassionally engaged a few, but it is short lived.

What I see as a root element is a core fire, passion concerning "music". That manifests itself sometimes in folks who do covers, or do their own work.

"Me", I can honestly say, I only ever wanted to learn to play the "instrument" itself, and had no pull to cover, learn others songs... I remeber way back to 6, 8, 12, 14 years old. I remember being ~10 ish and dismanteling an old Silvertone acoustic guitar my parents got me from Sears... to try to see how or why it made music. After I had a pile of wood in front of me, I put it back together (well, as well as a 10yo can Smile ) ... --I realized even then it was in the "Mind" of the person, "how music was made".

I sought "teachers" (people who seemded to know how to "play the instrument") to teach that into my mind (somehow glean it), -- hahhh... idiots all of them... and why so many guitars (instruments), are sold per year and sent to closet heaven. They don't "teach", "music".

Anyway... I am not sure about "demographics", but, that's mine Smile (+-)


@billwhite51 - Did you know Spanish before you moved to Peru? And is Spanish the main language spoken there? I must admit that I'm quite ignorant when it comes to South America - but my family is planning a trip to Chile, which is where my brother-in-law is from. They are raising their daughter to be bilingual in Boston.
Yesterday, I checked out from the library a few books of poetry in Spanish with the English translations. And I put a Spanish/English app on my phone. For two years we home-schooled our daughter, and we spoke a lot of Spanish around the house, but I've forgotten much of it. I'm determined to re-learn - we also might be going to Costa Rica next year.
And last night I wrote a song in Spanish - will record and post soon.

Hi chip. No I didnt know much spanish before movieng to Peru. It is the main language in Lima, ehre I live now, but plenty of people stil speak Quechua, which is the langiage of the andes villages, from which many thousands of people migrated durng the yars of terrorism in the eighties, I do speak Bostonian though, where \i lived 17 years after fleeing the West Coast. I enjoyed your spanish song, if it was the one i m thinking of, about onions.

Duolingo is a great and free way to refresh your Spanish (or learn another language from scratch).