Any personal milestones besides reaching 50?

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I've done this challenge since 2009, and every year my goal is 50. For the last several years, my goal has been 50 solo demos, in addition to collabs. (Last year I think I hit 67.)
I know many of you don't intend to hit 50, and even if you do, I'm wondering: Do you have any personal number that has some significance to you? Like maybe you're shooting for 1 good song per week, or collabs with 20 different people, or 12 songs for an album about your dog, or ...
I've also read a few times in the forums over the years of people treating this like 25/90, and I know in the past we've had AAWM (for August) for those who wanted a more FAWM-like challenge.
I just posted song number 32, and that's been a big deal to me since 2010. Here's why:
I joined up for 50/90 in 2009 after 2 successful FAWMs. I can't recall if my goal was 50 or if I just wanted to have fun. Also, I was learning to pick the banjo, and I figured that 50/90 would be a public airing of my progress.
Along about the end of August, I was doing pretty well. By the 50/90 schedule, I was a few songs behind. One Saturday, I wrote, recorded, and posted a song about all the books on my shelf that I hadn't read. Then I sat down to watch a college football game and I opened a beer.
It came on fast - by halftime I had flu symptoms, and by late afternoon it was full-bore flu. And it lasted for several days. I tried to go back to work for a day and it came roaring back. So my wife took me to the doctor.
He asked me to drink some sports drink, and we waited a few minutes. After a while, he told me that if I hadn't kept the drink down he was going to advise going to the ER. And then he told me I had swine flu, and he said he knew that because that was the only flu going around.
I think I wound up missing 9 work days, but even after I recovered I didn't go back to 50/90. The last song I posted was my 31st, so getting to 32 has been important to me ever since.
Any other non-50 goals and stories to go with them?

No stories from the Castle, but I just wanted to say that your own back story is wonderful, @Chip Withrow. Smile

Edited to clarify: Wonderful reason, not wonderful that you had swine flu!

Well this is the first time that 50 has been my actual goal. I've been set back a little by a month of pneumonia and a week of visiting that distracted me more than I thought it would. Now my brain doesn't want to do it any more. I will get 50 though, even if the last 20 are total crap.

I have other goals too though. This year I've been working on writing more mandolin instrumentals that I can play as chord solos. I sometimes perform at renaissance faire, so I've been trying to write some songs of the "fun create your own verse" variety, like the Caviar song or Balls to You Partner. I kind of also want to move forward with my Shakespeare cliffs notes songs project. I only have Romeo and Juliet done and I'd like to write at least one more this summer. So many plans and projects!

@Chip Withrow I remember the swine flu year. I felt terrible for you. It sounded awful. That's a great reason to want to get to 32!

My only goal this year was to write an EP worth of piano songs, because I recently got one, but don't really know how to play it. Reached my goal though, and learned quite a bit by writing them. I have no other goals this year, not even to hit 50. I'm just writing when I feel like it and have time.

I'm having an unusually good hit-rate with collabs this year, so my goal is to have all my lyrics put to music.

Preferably without having to plead too much.

Other personal goals:
1) 50 solo demos with words and music in 5090. Despite total song counts ranging from 62 to 90 in the last four 5090's, I have yet to achieve that.
2) 20 plus collaborations including different people.
3) A FAWM albums worth of songs on one of my main themes. The childhood religion theme has a lot of traction right now.
4) 90 total songs. Because the last time I did 90 I also was sick and could not sing for several weeks, so I then did a lot of instrumentals and lyrics only.

and we are just past halfway Smile

since i can't record this year, i'm trying to do 100 by the end, because each will be half a song, so they will add up to 50. i'm open for collabs, though it does not say so on my page because i keep my 50/90 page enigmatic because i changed my FAWM page and was unable to get some things to go back, so i'm keeping it as is.i am not counting collabs toward my personal goal, so i still have to write 100 lyrics to get 50 full songs, counting lyrics as half. i have only written the changes to a handful of the lyrics, so my next goal is to spend one of the mondays my friend does not come in to jam writing changes as well as commenting. i always have changes written to everything, though i cannot figure out the piano songs on my keyboard right now because it isn't even set up. my goal for FAWM is to have a studio set up in crates in the basement so i can record for FAWM.

I knew I wasn't in the most creative place mentally when going in, but I decided not to get stressed about it, since I've got lots of other things to stress about. I decided that if it's a good day, I'll pick up my instruments and write something and at least try to do better than last year's 4 songs.

@tsunamidaily - I don't think you should only count the lyrics as half songs, especially if you know how they are going to sound with music. I tried one FAWM to write lyrics first, and I found that almost always I had to write to a melody or chord changes I heard in my head. And often I'd be singing aloud as I wrote.
One goal last year was to write an album's worth of instrumental yoga music. I did that and added a couple more during FAWM. This year I don't have an album goal, but I've already written several acoustic guitar/voice songs I can perform at the beginning and end of yoga classes I teach.
Regarding wanting to do 50 solo demos: Even though perhaps I shouldn't, I regard a collab as a half-song. Yet often I put more effort into my collabs, aiming to please the other writer, than I do into my own songs.
Another goal is to use all of the instruments I can play. I still have yet to play harmonium or tongue drum this 50/90.

I am also trying to do at least three open mic events. I did one in August. I am doing one at a retreat this weekend. And I am planning to attend one with a local 50/90 participant in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, @colgoo, for reviving this thread. Good for you attempting the open mic! I help run an outdoor open mic almost every Saturday morning.
Today, I recorded my 50th solo demo, but I'm going to wait and share my remaining 4 un-posted songs over the next few days. And usually after that I do collabs and corpses and maybe some skirmishes - I still might do some of that, but I really want to get to 400 comments given (I'm 200+ now).
Also, I want to learn some of my new songs so I can perform them with the lyrics memorized. And I want to decide which of those 50 can be played when I perform for the yoga classes I teach (I've already done a couple).
I'll throw in a reminder here - if you continue posting songs after you've earned your trophy, songs number 51 and up go on to a second page. Often those songs don't get much attention - so consider checking the Page 2 of any winner.

Personal goal was 50, but now I'm aiming for 50 solo, which,with two outstanding collabs yet to finish, should push me to 71 as a final total. Otherwise, looking forward to going back through my songs and finding my favourites to possibly re-record and/or pretty up for future use.

I hit 25 at the halfway mark and have decided to drop out.. well drop mostly out. I'll be posting things here and there. Maybe some Finish Friday stuff that was started before 50/90 but completed now. I need to focus on one project at a time, unfortunately.

But happy that I was on pace back in the middle of August.

When my lyrics well is dry, which happens a lot lately, it is nice to know there are so many talented lyricists here. I am enjoying the music side of 50/90. For me it is the journey. Not the destination.

The other day, I told @AndyGetch that I was stopping at 50, and today I posted my 50th. But then I had this idea to do some solo banjo instrumentals.
Occasionally, I perform for the yoga classes I teach. Usually it's at the beginning and end of class, and we also have a Friday night class with live acoustic music by a solo artist or duo. Andy also plays at those (My wife and I own the studio, so I get to choose the musicians!).
Usually I perform on guitar, although I have also played harmonium and tongue drum (not played with your tongue, by the way). And as I was plucking the banjo yesterday morning, I thought it could work in a yoga setting. Already, I have a couple of tunes - and neither is bluegrass, although a bluegrass yoga class could be pretty badass.

I realized today that I've only got seven letters of the alphabet that I haven't used as the beginning letter for the start of a song: E, J, K, Q, U, X, Z. As I only have about that many songs to go before I hit the 50 song milestone, I think I will throw that out as a personal challenge and see if I can reach that. Represent every letter of the English alphabet!

@colgoo That is a brilliant idea. I will be watching!

I think my personal milestone, and goal this year, was to end up with enough quality songs and recordings that would fit together as a whole that i'd want to spruce them up even more and do some small bandcamp album.. and that's just what i did. Given that this is an election year here in the states, and given how crazy it all is now with that, alot of my songs had a political/topical focus, and last week I finished my 'album' for this season, it's called 'Need you in November' . Just posted my first song after finishing the album, and while maybe I'll do a few more, I don't feel that I 'need' to get to 50 this year as i did in several previous years. I am very happy with the album, tho.. (and, if you're curious..

Hello everyone,
it's been a while since I checked in here.
I'll be around for the next few days, and I'll try to comment here and there.
I really thought hard about my personal goals for 50/90.
I started with the intend to write 50.
But somehow I wanted to treat my songs with more care than "Done! Next!".
I think I'll write more evenly and more slowly over the next months, though this is not exactly the spirit of FAWM, I fear.
But this 50/90 forced me to make a decision about that, which is great.
And perhaps I'll go for the 50 in another round!

Well being able to write songs a lot quicker would be fantastic, also being able find the right co-writer to collaborate with, and maintain the motivation of writing after 5090 ends. Smile

I hit 50 two days ago.

Oh, you mean songs. Only two of those, this year has been a total bust. Never mind!

By that metric, I certainly wouldn't mind hitting 50 in 90.

i did it. i hit 100 lyrics, sans changes, with a day to spare. a big thank you to all who commented! i still have to return comments and check out some tags and need to make sure my comments given are twice what i've received. so there are still goals....

Still in the process of writing a song before 50/90 locks up, and maybe one more song afterwards. But right now I'm working on recording the demos for my songs that haven't been uploaded yet.