Any Male vocalist up for a 3 part collab

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I am working with Bill on a roleplay track but we need a narrator that could sing on the chorus.
I think he is Male and feels comfortable in the rock folkish genre.
Any takers?

My time is limited, but so long as you are ok with waiting a bit to get tracks from me, I'd be happy to help.

I'm also happy to let someone else go for it if they are feeling excited about it.

I could do it. It's a little outside my range, and would be a nice way to push myself a bit

Thanks guys. I have sent you an email {@michaelwhitemusic],

{@siebass] Love to work with you whenyou have more time..

I'm sure we'll have a chance @Acousticmaddie. It's a loooong way through until September Smile

I wanted to make sure that someone responded to your collab request.

Thank you <3 and Iwould really love to woth with you @siebass when/if you have time