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Songs of war, imperialism, blame-shifting, nature betrayed, lovers and prisoners, spies, spats, and the overwhelming victory of love over hate. Click on photo below to hear them for free on Bandcamp....the Bill White Music Archive now has 22 albums and over 250 songs to choose from. check it out.

Hey Bill, -- on the one just prior, upon initial quick look, looked like you and Obama on neutral ground, --detente. Lol (I only have time to click a few. Liked the one from 2002, all around.)

-- Anyway, keep posting'em. Sometimes these clear text non-secure old platform web sites bump the index algorithms due to "fuzzy logic", etc., number of URLs linked to/with URLs. Add in the full desc, imo, too.

Well, since the comma police are still here (?), I'll see you elsewhere other than brief-niks like this.

me and obama on neutral ground? where, when and in what way?

Hey Bill Smile @billwhite51

This one popped up, quick like on my cell phone (cover photo/art):

And I said to myself, wow, bill and mr. o... he's got a sense of humor.

Realize my cell phone is like, at least a decade old... so, things look different on it. And too, --since I need my glasses Dirol more lately it seems Lol

-- "Northern Pride Southern Shame written n 2002" was on the other release though.

Hey Bill... these posts are numbered, -- where is #2, #3 and #4? Kinda weird? Maybe it got spammed and deleted?

-- Well, not important... maybe, I misunderstood some of what else I've seen the past couple of days too

Oh well... happy weekend! Keep them coming!

thats no obama. that is a judge from the peruvian inquisition. i do have a potential cover of me and obama though,, strictly tongue in cheek. glad you liked northern pride, i like writing neo civil war songs.

after looking at the numbering s of other posts,it seems the numbers are part of a larger design. they are not simply a numerical reckoning of the comments on the particular post.