The Annual How to Name Your MP3 File thread

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Please make your songs downloadable for us to save and listen to later, or to use on a podcast/show if one happens this year. And please, please name your files in an organized manner. I highly suggest one of the following


No spaces, one underscore. This will allow file uploading and downloading and sharing and jukebox playing to work with less hassle and issue.

Some for instances:


Some folks like to have extra information in there, like:




All of which work greatly.

And finally, please use ID3 tags if at all possible. If you've converted your file (or recorded it) to mp3 just open it up in your favorite music player and tag it. ITunes and foobar3000 and lots of others do this. There are small and easy to use stand alone apps that will also do this. Enter the artist name, the song title, the date and additional info like genre or notes (skirmish or collaboration) etc., and save it before uploading. That's all very, very awesome.