And now Charlie has gone!

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RIP Charlie Watts, extraordinary career! plugged away and smashed it out behind those guys in front for so many years! and i still know so little about him!

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ugh.....the guy was a beast on the drums. He was the only member of that band I think was aging like fine wine and not some dairy left out in the sun Biggrin I saw them perform maybe 25 years ago now, he was the only one that didn't seem tired and only there for a paycheck.

yeah, sad to hear. What a great drummer Charlie Watts was, starting as a jazz drummer, and giving the music just what it needed without excess flash and noise, with his own style and rhythmic snap, and what a classy guy. He will be missed.

Sad news about Charlie Watts, but relieved to click on this and find it wasn't Charlie Cheney who we lost.

(you guys scared me enough with all that 'RIP Tim Conway' carry-on).

Oh man. RIP. (Rock in peace)

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@mike skliar I agree, he had his very own and unique style that was always very understated and often overlooked, except from other drummers. I remember hearing a few of his tracks isolated and was pretty blown away. Street Fighting Man in particular was one that shocked me hearing just the drums.

I know - tell me it isn’t so!

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Very sad to hear. It used to tickle me when I watched his facial expressions when he played and Mick was jumping around and strutting...especially in the Start Me Up video. Hilarious. He was an indeed an awesome drummer.