Am I the only crazy one around here?

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Am I the only one who's crazy enough to say that I miss the big ol' weekend skirmishes of FAWM? I had fun attempting to write a song every two hours, even if my schedule was all messed up.

Yeah I suffer from I-wish-50/90-was-more-like-FAWM-itis! When it only lasts 28 days people get more intense and frantic and skirmishy!!

Don't get me wrong, I do very much like FAWM, but I also very much like 50/90 for what it is as its own separate event.

The intensity of FAWM is overwhelming; the pressure for constant production is high, and it's impossible to keep up with everyone's songs. Yes, I think it's absolutely great, and look forward to it every year. But I also appreciate 50/90's slower pace, both in terms of its longer duration and, frankly, in the lower number of participants, which makes the whole thing feel a bit more manageable and tight-knit.

So in other words, hackneyed as it sounds, I think they're both quite special in their own ways. Biggrin

I really like them too. So much that I last year I organized/hosted a couple of super skirmishes last 50/90 with help from @Tasha Parker Gibbs, @Amanda West and @marvsmooth. To start a super skirmish involves organizing multiple hosts and being available most of the super skirmish period. Last year in 5090, we didn't have enough interest for twelve different hosts so a few people had to host multiple time slots. FAWM 2017 was the first time I recall there being a super skirmish every weekend. I would be happy to organize a super skirmish later this 5090 but would not be able to do so until mid-August.

[@squeakmouse] there was some super skirmish discussion on this thread:

Both have their place. FAWM is fun and frantic and crazy and just plain ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 50/90 allows for more time to get to know people, experiment, practice something new, and get out of your comfort zone. A perfect balance to me. You can always self impose a FAWM-like week or weekend. Use your phone to count it down, or ask someone to keep time for you. (Knowing me, if I had control of the timer, I'd totally cheat.) All I know is I appreciate both. And quite honestly, y'all have helped me through so much. I love you all!!!

It's funny how an extra two months makes things feel differently. Average-wise, it's no different than FAWM, but because we have those extra days, it gives it a slower-paced feel. I just found that those super-skirmishes got me out of my comfort zone, and gave me something to look forward to each weekend in a time of my life where a lot of things have felt the same. I agree, though: This year is my first year of both, and I find it interesting to see the differences and similarities of the two challenges. And, Andy, you're right. I'm well aware that the super-skirmishes had to take a lot of work, a lot of organization, and probably a lot of frustration in times when it seemed nobody wanted to get involved, which seems to happen in groups, no matter what one is organizing. I'd think it would take one who has the skill to organize and who actually enjoys the balancing act of scheduling everyone, remembering who does what when, and covering when one doesn't follow through. Thank you much for pointing the other thread out, Andy.

I think the opposite! I like the laid back feel of 50/90. No pressure to win, and it doesn't feel like you have to satisfy your 'audience' - like @odilongreen says. That might sound a bit egotistical, but long time FAWMers will know what I mean by that

I am happy to help out with hosting multiple timeslots in a super skirmish - I'm in Ireland so on BST timezone, which may help ??
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