Alphabet Songs, something to try when "dry" but itchy : )

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For the literal folks, forget the instrument focused upon, but see the rest, -- apparently Bach engaged this (iamafantoo).

I never heard of it and read through it.

Next chance I get I'll do my name. In our times of spying, etc., could make an interesting Code, Hahhh... Messages and instructions via music. (Was Morse Code music? : ) I love the color of music section, too... each Hz collates to a visual frequency. I love science too, -- explains a lot!

So, for the folks still hanging around, this was new to me. It can be a way for not yet instrumentally, musical folks to have a project to focus upon. What does that mean? Well, years ago I learned if I needed to learn something, I set out to "build" it. I needed to learn a new Coding Language, I built a Calculator in that language. By the end of it, that project, I knew what I needed and had something I could use, -- motivation with tacit knowledge. : )

-- Cheers!

Thank you. That is very interesting

-- Yes, I'm still going through it, other there

(If one can see past the NAF instrument, lots of good folk music stuff, all Pentatonic Minor, sans the theory since the NAF never had a "written language", so to speak. As we all know, if played "in Key", can't play a "wrong" note, --correct?! : ) Anyway...

The Pentatonic Minor Scale is used (in general), *regardless of key... it's easy enough to figure out the note to interval collation is don't have a NAF, --- All holes closed is Root-note of scale, 1 hole covered is the octave ... 1, flat3rd, 4, 5, flat7, Octave - so 5 Notes only and in about 1- 2 octaves, in general.

(Dont' have to flat the 7th, and can play the 2nd or 6th if you like... as passing tones.

So anyway, the sublink, -- it's hysterical : ) in a good way:

-- The guy plays the Bar Code on his Cereal Box : ) using the Alpha-map -- I played it..., not bad! I guess the Randomness is the point.

For "me", add a Back-beat click track, and Embellishments to it... and I'm gonna get a song if not 30 min to 1 hr Jam session : )

Looks like great fun for a "class", "music"/song/drum/flute guitar circle of some kind.

For me, it will be a good exercise in 'out of the norm" . I have these boxes I feel comfortable in, and this is messy and not organized for me. I'm actually quite excited. I liked the bugle scale. As for the "fingerings" I"m guessing it's some type of recorder -like instrument, and I've played the flute for too many years, so I was comfortable reading the fingering chart and hearing the notes. If it is the type of flute I believe, they are naturally made in the pentatonic scale...I used to have a friend who made those flutes. So, if you place three fingers on the top three holes and three fingers on the lower three holes, it plays like a tin whistle or one of those flute-a-phones from school....but instead of the major scale, it's tuned to the pentatonic scale. I have wanted a flute like that for a long long time

I have played around with my own version of this, at one time going to the extent of trying to balance more or frequently used letters. I also have done it with numbers. I have used letters in a phrase as a basis for chords or tuning. I also have my own silly random (and mostly odd) chord generator using numbers. Combining numbers and letters could be interesting.