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I post a writing prompt (almost) daily on FB and on twitter. I've found myself hitting the lack of idea wall just three weeks into the challenge. I figured some of y'all might be too. So here's a reminder (or an introduction) to the prompt if anyone feels like checking some prompts out.

Full disclosure: They are intended for prose, poetry, free writing, abstract AND songwriting.



Thanks, man!

Saved my life a few times.

Neat! Followed. It was weird to me that you have that wheel of emotions as your picture - I found that by chance on a leaflet this summer and cut it out to stick in my songwriting book, it seemed like such an interesting weird thing to have an emotional landscape like that. And it's very pretty. Anyway - thanks for the prompts.

You are most welcome.

If anyone uses a prompt or if you particularly like a prompt, a like on FB or a shout out would be most appreciated. Sometimes it seems like it's an exercise in futility.
I lost a computer (or three) but at some point I'll have another on line posting of all the prompts from the past couple of years that can be scrolled through to use.

Its created more than a dozen songs for me. Maybe a lot more.

That's awesome, @coolparadiso. Thanks for letting me know.