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I just posted this in the FAWM Facebook group but I've just released an album that was written during 50/90 last year, and it's the first time I've self-produced an album that wasn't just acoustic (I added electric guitar, and virtual drums and bass): I like to think all the work I've done with FAWM and 50/90 since last February (my first FAWM) has really paid off in terms of songwriting.

I'm still a beginner with production and arrangement so go easy on me, but songwriting and production feedback is welcome!

Now that that's out btw I'm looking forward to another insane year of nonstop songwriting...!

Listening to the samples segments. On the production: you've got what I've heard clear as crystal, indeed crystalline. And a lovely balance between your voice and backing. Your lyrics are important and need to float in front of the mix as they do. Just in case you're still wondering, I think you've done brilliantly with your first self-produced! (especially when I cast my mind back to my own early mud-pie attempts Biggrin )

Thanks so much! I think because I'm a perfectionist, when I listen I tend to focus on the flaws I hear (which at least disproves my old theory that I have no ear for production, haha), but overall I do think I did a good job for my first real production that I put effort into. I look forward to seeing how I improve in the future.

Congratz on the album. Sounds like strong performances and good sound quality.

Just listened to the album; I very much enjoyed it, and both the underlying substantive musicality and the production were terrific. Very nice!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!

Gave all eight songs a listen, great progress!

Thanks Andy, I think practice (and a few courses) really pays off!

Congrats! You've really captured a sense of hope it would seem. I quite enjoyed the album!

See You In The Shadows…

Thanks for checking it out and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have a great 50/90!

Your welcome! Happy 50/90

See You In The Shadows…