Adding your user name to song files for downloading.

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I have been reminded by @Tim Fatchen (and quite rightly too) that I have not been adding my user name to my song file URLs. This means anyone downloading a song will have only the title and date and this makes it impossible to identify the writer of the song. My excuse is that I thought I was including my username but really this was only the description of the folder on the 50/90 file hosting service I use.

I know this comes up every year and that there was a forum topic about it in June. However, I can't find that particular topic and I have a suspicion I'm not the only person here who could benefit from a refresher course on how to name files.

Any and all suggestions and advice will be much appreciated.

PS Pride comes before a fall I was feeling smug about being able to put users' names in square brackets to get a link but now I have to 'fess up to making songs unfindable. Wink

I've had a problem with grabbing lyrics to collab with and then later on noticing the lyrics do not include the writer's name! Hard to find them then.

I always put my name in the filename plus embedded in the tags using Mp3tags software. I also include my name and copyright with the lyrics.

Oh and, unless you are using your 50/90 username as your official alias, you prolly should include your real name on your work!