Adam Neely's Slothcore Video

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He doesn't know it's called #slothcire though. He is calling it liminal rhythm, which is awesome because now i can share the link in my Liminal Spaces facebook group as well...

Did we get many #slothcore songs this 5090, or is it more a FAWM thing?

This is awesome! Watching the video right now.

There's a few Slothcore hits here:

great stuff! Adam Neely is usually really interesting, too. I've watched many of his videos.

there has been some quality sloth tracks during 5090. check out fuzzy, candle (the OG slother), and DJTJB to start.

Thanx for the mention, @Nahlej381; yeah, I've done three Slothcore tunes this summer.

Yes, thanks for the mention as well @Nahlej381 Biggrin

@dzd also did a number of awesome #slothcore tunes this summer. Well worth the listens!

See You In The Shadows…