Acoustic Lo-Fi Corpse Version 3.0

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So, there's been a couple requests to do yet another Acoustic Lo-Fi. I'm throwing this thread open so it can happen, but I don't think I'll have the time to stitch this one, and I'd rather not kick it off.

House rules:
1. Roughly a minute or so of music, acoustic in style, production caliber not necessary!
2. Send the final 10 sec of your section to next person on list and the whole section to the stitcher.
3. Your music ideally should build off of whatever you heard musically/lyrically in the 10 seconds you received!
4. Have fun with it!

Stitcher - AndyGetch

Willing participants:

1. AndyGetch
2. metalfoot
3. mike skliar
4. marvsmooth
5. kahlo2013
6. izaak

Looks like we're full already!
(@izaak, I took the liberty of adding you per your request in the other thread...)

ah... why not! ok, i'll do it. would rather not kick it off, but if needed, I guess i can... and on second thought, i have more time in august then sept., so maybe i should go fairly early in the process... (so number 1 or 3 would be good i guess!)

Yes please, but not as the starter. Smile

I know I can stitch. I know I can stitch. I know I can stitch. Also I am willing to fill in with participation if there is an empty slot.

I know I can stitch. I know I can stitch. I know I can stitch. Also I am willing to fill in with participation if there is an empty slot.

Can I play and follow Martin?

I would lovd to play!

We're full up already! Wow.

Woohoo! Smile

@metalfoot - Thanks for getting me in on this list!

@AndyGetch You're up! Biggrin

Yea!!! Let's go Lo-Fi!!!!

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I'm late! When round 4 ist going to happen I'm interested - ca mid-september. Have fun everyone!

@sph - I can Private Message you an idea if you like Stephan?

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@marvsmooth please do so

sending my 10s to @metalfoot. @mike skliar @marvsmooth @kahlo2013 @izaak as you complete your piece and lyric send me a file or a link to it in an email via the contact button or a message soundboard and I will get to stitching!

Sending my 10s to @mike skliar!

ok, I recieved metalfoot's fragment , then did my bit, and I sent the completed one minute bit to andygetch and sent the last ten seconds to marvsmooth!

Okay, I know what it is now.

I'm doing that many corpses and such that I thought "which one is this?"

My bit is done, but I've had to tweak it digitally...

I heard Mike's bit, and a little later wrote something...

Then I realised I was in a key where the change is too jarring a change, so I've got the computer to raise the pitch by a semitones.

Upload it later!

I've sent links to @AndyGetch

PS - I can't really sing like that... It's a lucky/unlucky side effect of raising the key using Audacity for editing!

Link to snippet sent to @kahlo2013

Thanks @marvsmooh I got your lovely snipet and have an idea - plan to record Friday night and send it on!

Done! Sent Andy my Mp3 and Izaak my snipet.

Okay, @kahlo2013 , I'm on it... the big finish! I think I'll be done in a skirmish time frame for this! So fun to go lo-fi !!

Final segment is off to @AndyGetch for the stitching!


will be very interesting to hear the whole thing! can't wait!

By popular demand, it's alive, and worth the wait Smile
Wondrous work @metalfoot @mike skliar @marvsmooth @kahlo2013 @izaak, if any of you want the uncompressed version I will DM a link.

Well that was fun!!!!! Thanks Andy for such an awesome job stitching!!! You did a phenomenal job!!!!!!

ha,...that was great fun!

Thank you Andy. I'll listen sometime over the next couple of days hopefully.