Acoustic Lo-Fi corpse, anyone?

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I'm willing to organize and stitch an acoustic-based lo-fi (that is, basic production/rough demo OK) corpse, if there's anyone willing to jump into it with me!


1. metalfoot .... done
2. AndyGetch .... done
3. ChipWithrow ... done
4. JamKar .... done
5. kahlo2013... done
6. yam655

... I think we already have enough to make a go of it but I'll leave this open another day before we get started!

edit 2: This corpse is now sufficiently filled. 6 performers!

Basic premises of this corpse:
1. Roughly a minute or so of music, acoustic in style, production caliber not necessary!
2. Send the final 10 sec of your section to next person on list and the whole section to me as stitcher.
3. Your music ideally should build off of whatever you heard musically/lyrically in the 10 seconds you received!
4. Have fun with it!

ummmmm, yeah!

I'd say yes but I'm in every corpse so far!

This would be perfect for my dulcimer grand project. I can go later on the list.

Yes, I'm interested! I'm away from Aug 17 to Aug 28 so I'd have to contribute before or after. Which means it's ok too if I don't get in on this.

I would love to try this if one take iPhone demo will be okay - with guitar and vocals only

@kahlo2013 - that's perfect Liz.

You've got the five now without me Smile

Is this still open? I'd love a go at this!

Sure! You wanna end this one up, @yam655 and we'll call it a 6-person corpse?

I'll start it off later today and then send my part along, to get the ball rolling! Have fun, everyone. Smile

10 sec being sent to Andy!

@metalfoot, does that mean I'll be sticking the pieces together? I'm comfortable doing that. I've not specifically done it for a corpse before, but I've done it enough with my own stuff.

@yam655 I'm a lurker on this thread, but figured I'd let you know that @metalfoot would be the stitcher. Everyone sends him the complete song so that he puts it all together. The next person in the line only gets 10 seconds. If you're the last one in the line, you would send him the whole thing, without having to send 10 seconds to anyone as well. He mentions that part in number 2 of his summary. Otherwise I wouldn't be sure either. I've never done this before either (and am not doing this one), but I've been reading of these collabs. Smile

aww I'm annoyed I missed out on this now - let me know if there's a round 2

@yam655 Yeah, I'm stitching. So I get the parts.
@iHelen if there's a round 2, do you want to take part? It is kind of fun!
@French Cricket if there's a round 2, definitely will put you in the mix!

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Sounds interesting. Shall we start a parallel one? I could do the stitching.

@metalfoot maaaaaybe... I've never done a collab before because I don't want to let people down. Ok why not. I have a ukulele..

It's lo-fi. It's like, literally impossible to fail Smile

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I'll do a R2 as well if you end up putting one together!

@sph If you want to organize & stitch acoustic lo-fi 2, go for it!

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Ok, I added a second one:

Anyone who wants to join in?

last lo-fi 10s sent to @Chip Withrow and full minute sent to @metalfoot

@JamKar and @metalfoot - Check your soundboards for links to my part of the corpse. Onward!

I'm stitching as we go and we've got an interesting thing going so far! Biggrin

Got it Chip. Thanks!

10 sec. clip sent to @kahlo2013

@JamKar make sure you send me the whole thing for stitching purposes!

Full take sent to you @metalfoot.

I haven't seen it yet-- where did you send it? I checked my email and FB messages and soundboard, so far...

sent email. Is it in spam folder? I will try fb messenger.

Okay sent my lyrics and MP3 section to you metalfoot via email. Also sent my 10 end clip to Yam! Have fun!!

Just waiting on yam's section then we'll inflict our magic upon the world...

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"I see its light come shining
From the west down to the east
Any day now, any day now
It shall be released"

Go, go, go Smile

I apologize for the delay. It has _finally_ been passed on to @metalfoot.

And it is lo-fi acoustic, and _not_ crapcapella.

I'm up for another of these if you want me Smile

Thanks, team! @AndyGetch, @Chip Withrow, @JamKar, @kahlo2013, @yam655... the fruits of your labours are here!

Big Thank You to Alex @metalfoot for the stitchery!

Round #2 ??? I'll play!

I know, I know, one axe only. Smile