Accumulated Spectre

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OK, so @atitlan suggested we upload Post-FAWM Corona-Self-Isolation Tracks to Rocktober in this wonderful FAWM Forum Thread ( So I thought to myself: yeah - that's a great idea! I've been playing around with some of the new updated Buzz Machines (two of which seem to be getting updated on a very regular basis - one of them pretty much daily LOL) & this is one of the songs that sort of happened through those experiments.

I was just playing around with Jeskola Buzz's Peer Control functions (Peer Control Machines are Buzz Machines that can control & modify the parameters of other machines (i.e. Insturments & Effects)). I was using IX's wonderful Accumulator (a Peer Machine) as well as BTDSys' wonderful Peer LFO to generate not only notes but also play around with the panning & filters on some of the Buzz synths. It was lots of fun. This song is about 95% generative, with a single Synth creating the initial foundation that all the Peer Machines are reacting to & transforming.

Well, one song for this "Post-FAWM Corona-Self-Isolation Tracks" Idea. I'll see what else happens as time goes on…

See You In The Shadows…




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Dark and atmospheric. These Jeskola Buzz pieces are always interesting and full of great textures. File this one under 'burbling'.

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@Candle (I don't think the ID helps, but, just in case Smile - many had Error 505 errors when this all ended, fyi Wink so. As you say, we shall see. -- I'll copy this to your FAWM Soundboard!)

Some 1980's ish lyrics flood to mind during the introduction. Yes, great original "textures", so to speak.