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I read an article about Americans favorite American accent, and it struck me that it would make a good song, so I did one. A couple people suggested that a song on an accent would be a good challenge. I agree! So here it is. You can tag it #accents.

Here's mine:

I'm in!

Here’s one from Wisconsin even through we do not have an accent

Edited as it has been pointed out to me that my lack of humour this morning is affecting my judgement and the delete function doesn't work.

Ive half written an Aussie one but i am swamped at the moment- will try an finish it sometime.

Didn't know about the challenge, but here' my Russian accent one

This thread made me smile. Why?

I spent quite a few of my formative years in Bromley, and still have more than a little trace of the accent. Which is why, ever since I joined FAWM a decade ago, I've been getting *loads* of comments about my vocals sounding like Bowie. I don't think I do, but I'm still chuffed to be compared in those terms...

Time for me to do an over-the-top Canadian accent in a song!

I'm really looking forward to the songs y'all are doing. Accents are fun. I did another one about the language barrier between American English and British English. All tongue in cheek, of course. Smile